Winter Storm Jonas and Some Thoughts on Blogging

I woke up early Saturday morning with the baby and big plans to go for an 8 mile stroller run. What I didn’t know was that winter storm Jonas was coming for us. With three full minutes of scattered snowflakes.

Besides the flooding, occasional tornado and hurricanes, we don’t get much weather in the Low Country (that’s what people in Charleston refer to Charleston as, “the Low Country.” The name is an explanation for it always being underwater). It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen snow and I can’t remember the last time I actually saw snow fall. It’s magical. I scared the heck out of John by running into the bedroom and shouting his name until he got up to look outside. And take the baby’s first snow picture. And then he went back to bed.

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No shoes, no problem. We were outside for about 20 seconds. 🙂

You literally can't tell it's snowing. Even in real life it was hard to tell.

You literally can’t tell it’s snowing. Even in real life it was hard to tell.


I still got my 8 miles in, but it was alone (it was too cold to take the baby) and it felt great. Stroller running is hard but it’s paying off, I’m having an easier time maintaining a faster pace when I run without it. Besides a trip to the grocery store, we didn’t do much this weekend but avoid the cold by building forts, baking muffins, baking cookies and watching football. I can’t believe we’re actually going to the Super Bowl! T-minus two weeks. And I can finally relax because, spoiler alert, if you didn’t watch the game, the Patriots LOST. Sorry. Not sorry.

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Carrot apple muffins to fuel my run. I ate three.

Carrot apple muffins to fuel my run. I ate three.

I stocked up on supplies while the baby caught up on her reading.

I stocked up on supplies while the baby caught up on her reading.

Looking back on my pictures, I think all I did was eat this weekend. And catch up on PLL after the baby went to bed.

Looking back on my pictures, I think all I did this weekend was eat. And catch up on PLL after the baby went to bed.

I wanted to take a minute and talk about blogging. I read a lot of blogs, and sometimes, when I sit down to write my own, I feel like I have no business in the blogosphere.

When John and I moved to South Carolina from San Diego, I blogged our way across American from the passenger side of our 2008 Kia (I literally did not drive once).  I wrote about national parks and landmarks, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, all the Subway sandwich shops (they’re all exactly the same which was kind of comforting), the hotel gym equipment–the best was a 1980’s ski machine at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman, Montana-and the one time I used my remote sensing skills to find the Sisterwives house in Las Vegas and then we actually found it. And took a picture.

I only gave the link to my family and a few friends. I was a little shy about sharing so much and honestly didn’t think anyone would care. The blog faded away once we settled into South Carolina and I settled into my jobless ‘dark days,’ where all I did was coupon things we would never eat and pack John’s lunches.

I had nothing to write about, or I didn’t think I did. Fast forward a few years and life is incredibly different. I found a job here (probably because of the aforementioned remote sensing skills), we have a baby, John and I have slowly built our own identity around things we’re passionate about. In reading all my favorite blogs, I started to realize that I also had a voice, and wanted to share my stories, whether it’s about the three minutes of snowflakes that fell, the reason we switched to organic food or tips to always get everything on sale. So Sweets on Point was born, with the name being a play on two things that describe who we are. Points you collect to get free stuff like airline tickets, and points like the point on a map.

Some blogs have a very obvious message. Fitness blog. Mom blog. Coupon blog. Fashion blog. The only obvious thing about this blog is that is has no one message. Although I regret everyday not becoming a writer, this blog isn’t my job, it’s not sponsored and I’m not insta-famous. (Although if I were to get sponsored by a company I would totally do it, ahem, On Cloudsters! Just throwing that out there…). It’s a venue to communicate things we already share with our family and friends. What I like about bloggers and blogging is that almost everyone I follow lives a normal, but inspired, life. Blogs are relatable, they make you feel like you’re not alone in thoughts on running, relationships and motherhood, and they grow your world, whether it’s  simple things like clothes and make-up or experiences that you would otherwise never encounter.

I hope you enjoy stopping by every once in a while. Have a wonderful week (especially if Jonas gave you a day off).


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2 Responses to Winter Storm Jonas and Some Thoughts on Blogging

  1. Jen @ January 26, 2016 at 7:38 pm #

    I live in TN. While we only got about 2 inches of snow where I live during the storm, things don’t really move much around here when it does! I spent a lot of time cooking, baking, and eating also!

    On blogging, I basically started mine as a way to document the hiking I was doing and to keep track of the mileage. When I hiked the Appalachian Trail I used it as my journal and each time I updated I was surprised how much traffic and feedback I was getting. Fast forward and now I’ve got a website where I write about taking hikes, reviewing hiking gear, and even marathon training! It’s kind of snowballed, but it’s still fun and it still makes me happy – which is what blogging should be about!

    • Mollie January 26, 2016 at 9:20 pm #

      I agree! Even though sometimes I feel like I don’t have time for it, I’ve had so much fun blogging…and meeting new people and finding new blogs to read.
      It’s long been my dream to hike the PCT–my west coast blood runs deep–but I haven’t read much about anyone’s experience on the Appalachian Trail. It’s incredible that you got to do that…now I want to go back and read your hiking journal!

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