Weeknight Meal Plan #3

According to my blog, we didn’t eat last week. I assure you that isn’t true. I just took a week off posting, I don’t feel a need to bore everyone with minute details of our lives when we have nothing going on. Literally, nothing. It’s been great. For a family that travels this much for fun, sometimes it’s more fun just to hang out at home.

And this week will be all about eating from home. Well, it was supposed to be. I was going to save this for Confession Sunday (not Sunday Confessional, rather a tradition born from my marriage where we confess all of the extra things we’ve eaten that week) but tonight I took the baby on a date to Sesame Burger.

I know, I strayed from our meal plan and it’s only Monday. I left three glass tupperware containers full of leftovers sitting idle in the fridge. And my meal cost double the actual price because I thought the poor kid cleaning up the baby’s tiny bites of burger all over the patio deserved a little extra tip. But, I don’t care. The traffic has been awful the past few weeks. Beyond the normal awful and into the it took me two hours to get home because the bridge was closed AGAIN awful. When my coworker told me it was already backed up at 3pm, I gave up. I decided to skip out on the meal plan AND the traffic and indulge in the most delicious black bean burger and potato salad in Charleston. I’m not sorry.

Does anyone else feel like that this week? It’s been a tough one, rounding out a tough year, or few years for our country. Days like this I can’t turn on the news. Or listen to the radio. I get so sick of listening to people debating over people lives. What is it? Guns? Terrorism? Our prescription drug culture? Our complete breakdown of the political system? Our inability to enforce laws? Or create them? Our complete breakdown of the family? It’s everything. And I’m tired of the conversation. But I do have thoughts on it, and I want to share, even though that’s not what this blog is about. And I’ll do that, but not tonight. Because tonight is about sharing something more lighthearted, the rest of the meals for the week.

This week was a short one for our meal planning because we’re expecting our first Green Chef box on Wednesday! I’ll have a separate review of the three meals after we eat them, but until then, check out their website for an incredible deal–3 meals for $26 for new members! Just be sure to cancel before you get billed for the next week, when that number increases significantly.

Weekend Leftovers  Accidentally went to Sesame Burger, and I’m very not sorry

We usually skip cooking on Saturdays, but this weekend we made two really delicious meals. Quinoa stuffed peppers originally inspired by a veggie version of this Skinnytaste meal (but unrecognizable over time) and soy and honey glazed chicken with cilantro lime rice found in Rachael Ray’s quick dinner section of her magazine. John even lit up the grill on Sunday before heading to work. Both of them created leftovers, and today’s stuffed peppers hit the spot right before a treadmill hill workout at lunch due to a meeting schedule mishap.

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Veggie Enchiladas
The most made recipe in our house. See the recipe post here!

Green Chef Meal #1: Kung Pow Chicken Ramen (chicken meatballs, bell peppers, rice millet ramen)


Green Chef Meal #2: Salmon Superfood Salad (blueberries, spinach, kale, avocado and walnuts)


Green Chef Meal # 3: Tzatziki Falafel Sliders (lentil sliders, smokey carrot fries, pickled onion)


The Green Chef meals are the highlight of the week–if you couldn’t tell by the gorgeous pictures from their website. When you order from Green Chef you pick an omnivore, vegetarian or paleo meal plan and customize it if there’s something you don’t like or are allergic to. I chose omnivore, even though we eat mostly vegetarian at home (because I’m terrible at cooking meat). I wanted to mix it up from the things we would normally cook–the whole point of having someone else do the planning. If I was in charge of a box, it would be a scintillating rotation of enchiladas, veggie chili and turkey meatloaf. The bonus of Green Chef (besides not having to meal plan)? All of the ingredients are organic. Which is why it’s so expensive.

What’s on your meal plan this week?

Do you ever decide to skip traffic and get a delicious (veggie or otherwise) burger?

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