Vegan Cuts Beauty Box March

The boxes are still coming. I told John he can cancel my sub-boxes, that I officially have enough make-up for a large sorority, but apparently he paid in advance (what a concept) so I’m stuck with new products for a few more months.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m certainly not complaining, I’m just really–really this time–running out of room. And the minimalist inside my head is screaming “stop!” Yes, I’ve found a lot of great make-up, lotion and bath products that I do want to keep using and would have never otherwise tried, but I definitely think I have too much. I’ve started gifting the products I don’t like or am even so-so about to my coworkers. At least they’re not getting sent to the landfill the next time we move.

Out of the two beauty boxes, Vegan Cuts is certainly the less glamorous. The products are sample sized and often in sample-style containers, the box itself is recyclable and the contents are geared more towards sustainability and natural ingredients than trends. But overall, I’ve really liked the past contents, and this month they added a little extra variety, including a tea candle, to keep things interesting.


Products in order of my excitement to receive them:

1.Pacifica Perfume in Tunisian Jasmine Lime

There was one particularly hot fall day where I ended up at Whole Foods (shocker) after running at lunch, and impulsively bought a mango Pacifica Roll-on Perfume to help mask the fact that we don’t have a shower at work. It didn’t help. But I did like the fruity scent. My only qualm was that it faded extremely fast. This scent from the same brand is completely intoxicating. The strongest notes are a flowery vanilla, cut down in spice was with a hint of citrus. I wore it to work today and felt enveloped in its delicious smell almost all day, even through my hill repeats at noon. It’s a keeper.

2. October Fields Chamomile and Clover Tea-Lite (100% Soy)

Worth 1$, this tea candle actually carries its weight. We have a smell issue at work right now (not related to my coworker and I running at lunch), so we’ve taken to burning candles instead of filling the air with toxic Febreeze. I brought this one to work and, although it’s small, the scent was so strong at my desk I didn’t even light it. Pretty intense. It smells a little like the Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom, but less headache-inducing.

3. Earthlab Cosmetics Black Mineral Pencil

I like the mascara from the same brand they sent in the first box, it’s my go-to daytime mascara on the weekends (because you obviously need that specific of a mascara for that specific of a time), and this pencil is equally as nice. I don’t usually wear black eyeliner unless I’m going out or getting my make-up done for a wedding, but I’ll probably keep this one around though for a nice event during the daytime on the weekend (just kidding).

4. Dermorganic Thermal Spray with Color Care

Made with 7 organic ingredients, this spray protects hair at temperatures up to 450 degrees. I still straighten my hair when I have time, usually about once a week (then rely on the messy bun and dry shampoo for the other 6 days), so I’ll probably be able to make this bottle last until my baby goes to college. I can’t pinpoint the smell, but it smells REALLY good. Like flowers and citrus and maybe cucumber water.

5. Everclen Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

I have the definition of sensitive skin, but, if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I have a go-to face moisturizer (argan oil) and about 10 new eye creams and skin creams from sub-boxing. It’s probably unfair to put this so low on the list, when actually the thick cream absorbs really fast and leaves the skin around your eye feeling really soft. Almost like baby powder. The more I write about it, the nicer it seems.  And the container is really pretty, it looks like something you would use at a futuristic spa.

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6. Shea Radiance Black Soap Body Wash

This was last on my list for two reasons. It leaked all over the box and left a sticky residue on the card insert, and it has a chemical smell that you usually don’t find in natural products. There are only a few ingredients, “West African black soap,” coconut oil, plantain and cocoa potash, included, which all sound very magical. But the smell is just strange to me. I might give it to my husband to see if he thinks it’s better for men.





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