Thursday Thoughts: Sick Week

I thought I was over the flu today and convinced John that I should go for a run after work. It was a pretty solid run for having consumed about 12 calories this week because of this never-ending stomach bug. But now I’m back on the couch with even worse stomach pains. And it’s not just me. All the baby’s teachers are sick and half of her class has been out. Daycare germs…

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It’s so wonderful to run at night. I did 5 pre-stomach-pain miles around the neighborhood at dusk, when the warm spring weather had just started to cool. The breeze picked up about halfway through, just as the sun finally set. I love those few minutes, when the light from the sun lingers for just a moment, before nightfall consumes the sky. It made me miss my Thursday night Mission Beach boardwalk runs with the Rock Church runners in San Diego.

For two years I’ve been complaining to John that there’s nowhere near us to get dessert. Because we live in the sticks. The closest place with decent restaurants (actually two of my favorite in Charleston) is about 15 minutes away, and since we’ve lived here we’ve said to anyone who will listen that it’s seriously lacking an ice cream shop. Well someone listened and they opened one in January. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned it until March? Well–sigh–I just found out about it. That’s how little we get out. Smh.

So now I need my stomach bug to GO AWAY and my Sweet tooth to come back. With over 80 5 star reviews, and choices like the bacon maple shake, a trip to Park Circle Creamery must happen…tomorrow! I’m hoping.

But back to things I can stomach. I got this Tummy Tonic from Blend on Wednesday even though the combination of pineapple, carrot, apple, ginger and turmeric sounded like it was going to make my stomach twist into knots. Actually it was the first thing that soothed it in days.

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This weekend is my 5k, and I’m thinking it’s not going to go so well given how sick I’ve felt. Still hoping I can pull off something fast, but, luckily, there are about 296 5k’s a week so I can probably just find another one. I’m not going to stress about it.

I am hoping though that the weather is beautiful and the baby and I can go to this cute little park we found near us. She loves to just swing and watch the big kids.

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Have a great weekend!

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