Thursday Thoughts

This week went by super fast.

Just kidding. This was the slowest week of my life. It’s because we’re going on a huge vacation all next week…starting with the Super Bowl on Sunday!!!!! Have I already said that?

I made my pot pie into a football to celebrate.

I made my pot pie into a football to celebrate.

The baby is finally feeling better, which of course means I’m sick. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But, she went to bed early last night, so I got to relax and catch up on Pretty Little Liars with my favorite Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream. If you haven’t tried Three Twins, it’s worth the splurge. But PLL is not worth the-anything. The show jumped the shark with a certain new couple that is just…no. I’ll leave it at that.


We’re trying to eat all the food in our house, but yesterday my coworker and I accidently went to Trader Joes. I got their savory tofu and kale to have for lunch today. I truly do like tofu and kale. Especially with a little Sriracha Ranch. But, it was hardly lunch, and I had to go to Whole Foods after to supplement. I’m just going to see if my bank can direct deposit to theirs. It’s too depressing to see how much I spend there.

Lunch round one.

Lunch round one.

Have you guys found your Barbie yet? I’m loving these ‘real’ Barbies (but, let’s be real, real Barbies, there’s still some serious thigh gap going on). I sent the link out to all my female coworkers and we came up with this…the resemblance is uncanny. Right down to the outfits. There seriously is a Barbie for everyone.

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I can’t wait to be back in Napa next week. The last time I was in Napa was for the Ragnar Relay Race in 2012. Team Single Ladies! A lot has changed.

I’m a 6th generation Californian, and my family has a deep seeded history in San Francisco. There’s a strange nostalgia I get when I’m in Northern California. It’s a memory I don’t actually have–but I can feel a history there. Northern California is not a friendly place. The landscape is hauntingly wild, often barren and unforgiving–from the jagged cliffs of coastal Bug Sur to the untouched altitudes of the Sierra’s. It’s land that’s hard to be sustained–we’re seeing that with the current water crisis.

I love the new Taylor Swift song ‘Out of the Woods.’ My husband and I could NOT remember the name of the band it reminded us of. Two days later we realized it was Savage Garden. Both the band and the time it took us to remember are clear signs we’re getting old.

There was a time I didn’t own that much make-up. I was packing tonight and realized I’ve about quadrupled my make-up in the past few years. It’s time for some spring cleaning.

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We head to Dallas tomorrow, spend the night, then fly into San Francisco on Saturday. It will be nice to break the trip up into two days. It will also be annoying to have 3 days of traveling out of the 8 we’re gone.

Stay tuned for a Super Bowl recap, a review of the French Laundry, our hunt for my family’s land in Golden Gate Park,  the Nebraskan’s (John and his mom) first time EVER in Northern California, beautiful pictures of a run in Big Sur and a quick little trip over to Bend, Oregon for some microbrews!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Weekend filled with delicious food!

Go Broncos!!

ps- Oh, the baby started to walk this week. She’s becoming a real person. I love it.

And still making the dentist proud!

And still making the dentist proud!


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