Thursday Thoughts

If you’re new here–Thursday Thoughts is a post filled with random things that come to mind. And a few unrelated pictures. For no reason other than putting words on virtual paper. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it may leave you wondering how much sleep I’ve gotten recently. Answer: none. 



‘I’m not going to be a once a month blogger’–new mom of two, training for a marathon and working full-time thinks, while unable to move off the couch from exhaustion at 7 pm.

This transition to two has been a lot more difficult than expected. Maybe not difficult. Time-consuming. Exhausting. Energy destroying.

First family run!

I’m definitely a type A when it comes to beating myself at my own game. I have empathy for every new mom but myself. And I tend to think I have to maintain outrageous standards or I’m going to fail at everything. All or nothing.

So not blogging has been bugging me even though I’ve been pretending like it’s not. I was intent on tracking my training for Mountains to Beach–haven’t done that at all–talking more about my new baby–not one post about the poor guy–and writing about our move and new house and maybe even doing a home tour! Which would be great if you want to see a bunch of still packed boxes.

So let’s get over that drama and catch up!

Lunch date with my sweet friend and her baby. Born three days before mine! Of course, mine slept the entire lunch.

I’m about a solid month and a half into marathon training and wow, it’s a lot of work. And time. But I feel so accomplished. And hungry. This weekend is the Shamrock Half Marathon–I’m not sure if I’m excited or nervous…or even what my plan is yet. I think I’m going to do it as a training run, which is pretty fast for me anyway. All of this depends on the weather. Which right now is scheduled to be 40 degrees and raining.

And I’m not even going to mention the wind. 30 mph winds is basically a relief.

Since I have a pretty full schedule (between work and kids and eating 40 meals a day), I’ve had to do a lot of my runs early. Really early. On the treadmill. This means I’ve had to find entertainment to get me through long, slow, boring, dark miles.

My latest obsession is OJ Simpson. I’m not going to lie, during episode 1 of Made in America, I did a complete 180 and thought there’s no way he did it. He was framed by the cops! I mean, he was SUCH a good football player. Then an hour and 7 miles later…omg. He’s a sociopath. And he 100% did it and doesn’t care.

I mean, OJ is old news. We all know glove didn’t fit (or did it?? Watch this documentary!) and that he’s now in jail (or is he?! Ok. He is.), but there were SO many facets to this trial that my 9-year-old brain never registered. It was a trial of race and race relations. Sound familiar? Sound timely? Interesting, right? Our society is very cyclical.

Another thing I found fascinating is what people got away with saying in the 90’s. Watch the documentary and tell me what this trial would have been like with social media and what’s happened to free speech.

What you find in moving boxes…

Can we all agree that we’re glad this Bachelor season is over? I’ve never much been into the Bachelor, but my brain is really tired and I need some uncomplicated TV in my life. This season was the worst. And the best. And, at the end, I was relieved the girl I was rooting for didn’t win. Because I didn’t actually want her to end up with Nick. (Although, I honestly don’t think he was that terrible. He’s just a fame monger. And that’s fine. But I don’t think he’s there for the right reasons…right #bachelornation??). Ugh.

It’s totally become a caricature of itself though, right? Like the frolicing in the snow…umm…awkward. Chris Harrison saying again and again how DRAMATIC and NEVER BEFORE SEEN on the Bachelor everything is? While trying not to laugh. I almost think that makes it so much better though. They’re in on the joke now.

Our house is coming together still…it’s almost done on the first floor. But the baby still has no furniture in his room and my office is one giant obstacle course of half unpacked boxes. It’s not very zen. But I have no desire to unpack them. I’m definitely thinking minimalism is a better long term plan than hanging onto a note from a 6th-grade ex-boyfriend and the piece of streamer from the dance he took you to. I can’t even believe I still remember where that piece of streamer came from.

And, that’s short, but that’s my little life update. Baby Sweet 2016 is running her first race, the Leprechaun Dash, this weekend (hopefully it doesn’t rain) as part of the Shamrock series (where I’m running the half) and I can’t wait to see how that goes! Girl loves to run.

Wonder where she got that from.

Putting her friends to sleep…#futurecultleader

Happy weekend!!

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