Thursday Thoughts

Well we have a lot to catch up on.

I’ve pretty much ignored my blog for the last couple months, it was a much needed break–since it’s just for fun, and sleep sounded much more fun than blogging.

So here’s a recap: Early December we welcomed Baby Sweet 2016. All 6 pounds 14 ounces of him. 🙂 By Christmas the family visits had subsided and it was time to leave Charleston for Virginia Beach, where John had gotten orders in late November. By New Year’s Eve we were in an AirBnB off the Atlantic coast, ready and excited to move into our new house. Until the appraisal came back. 55k lower than our offer. This resulted in a whole second week living out of an AirBnB, snowpocolypse 2017, the beginning of my runstreak and, finally, three weeks after we’d left Charleston, closing on our new house.

Good bye, Charleston. Hanahan, SC.

  • Our host at Air BnB #3.

John started work the 11th, our toddler started school and I started work last week. We still have no couch, no blinds (thank goodness for old sheets) and lots of boxes of unbuilt stuff from Amazon. But, we have a roof, a playroom for the kids and my runstreak continues.  #priorities

I was a little nervous to start this runstreak January 1st because, at only 4 weeks post partum, my body was still a little unpredictable. And, once I start something like it, I can’t stop. But I’m also really bad at math, and knew that I should start on the first or I would inevitably, no matter now many times I wrote down my start date, mess up the numbers. For two weeks I took it incredibly slow and easy, and I think it really helped the entire Virginia Beach debacle (since running has a total effect on my mood). There are definitely days I DON’T want to run, but one mile is over in less than ten minutes, and it’s so worth it to say I’ve run for 33 days straight. And counting.

I’m just now starting to ramp it up for marathon training–this was my first official week of following my friend/coaches schedule–and I feel surprisingly strong for not having run any faster than 8:45 pace or longer than 8 miles for nearly a year. (Besides having some trouble walking today after my first speed workout–but 12×300 meters at under 6-minute pace would make me sore, no matter what shape I’m in). My mental game has changed a lot in the past couple years and I’m excited to see if I can finally pull off a race worthy of my workouts.

House issues not included, we’ve adjusted pretty well to Virginia Beach. I never felt at all attached to Charleston, even after over three years of living, working and having kids there. Virginia Beach feels a lot more like ‘home.’ And it actually reminds me a lot of San Diego. Without the perfect weather, Mexican food or the mountains. And friends. I do think this area and where we chose to live it a lot more suited to our lifestyle. I can run to the beach, Whole Foods is 5 minutes away and the first certified organic restaurant is even closer. What else do you need? Oh, Nordstrom. But it’s only 15 minutes away. 🙂

The hardest part has probably been the transition to working from home. It’s incredibly hard to stay motivated when I’m within feet of my kitchen and my new treadmill. We’ve also had a constant stream of workers fixing the lighting, adding insulation and unplugging my internet. I’m sure once we have a dedicated office space I’ll feel an actual dichotomy between work and the rest of the house. But I’ll definitely have to learn to set some boundaries before I gain 50 pounds from the constant access to the fridge.


I have some catching up to do here–Baby Sweet 2016’s birth story, marathon training and lots of pictures. It will come, slowly, as he starts sleeping more. Which should happen any day right? Right?!


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