Thursday Thoughts

I’m back!

I took a little break from blogging these past few weeks and honestly, I’ve missed it. But honestly, I truly just could not find time, or energy, for anything extra. (Not included in ‘extra:’ having a new baby, packing, moving and ‘light’ workouts, naturally).

These have probably been three of the craziest weeks since I met John. Week one, we had the baby (expect a post about that little guy soon, he’s pretty dang cute). Week two we had family in town. Week three we packed up and moved out.

Technically, the Navy packed us up, but we still had to move out, get the house cleaned and find renters. John played foreman and I played rich-stay-at-home-mom with a nanny. I would definitely recommend this lifestyle for all moms. And if we actually had money, I would hire the girl we had the last few days to move with us to Virginia Beach, live with us and be a second mom. That was basically how it worked. She tagged along for our normal activities, Children’s Museum, bounce house arena, lunch. It helped that she was super cool and fun to talk to and also not awkward about the potentially super awkward situation.

She did all the work and I just hung back drinking wine. Jk, I was feeding the baby. Always.

I do think I could have done it on my own (lies), but poor Baby Sweet 2015 would have been miserable watching me feed the baby 6 out of the 8 hours John was at the old house. So really, it was for her (lies).

This is how I roll solo.

I took her off the leash for a picture.

I’ve been upping the intensity on my workouts this week and it feels SO good. I have zero pain but I’m not going to try to run until I’m four weeks post-partum just to be sure I’m healed. Believe me, I’ve been counting the days. I think I’m also going to attempt a run streak….! I’m going for a year.

Christmas this year really did NOT feel like Christmas. We had a tree and Christmas music and we saw Santa, but I think our heads were just somewhere else. The kids made out well, but I literally did not have a single present under the tree. Strange.

I’m going to end with a public service announcement. If you have an Air BNB, please take note. It’s not appropriate to leave your bra in a kitchen drawer. If you don’t take out your trash the house will smell. Vacuum cleaners don’t run themselves. I’m not going to put my stuff in a bathroom drawer that’s covered in toothpaste grime. They make spray to get rid of fruit flies. If you don’t believe in spray, red wine works. It would be nice to know that there’s no table to eat at. I prefer not to be covered in dog hair when I sit on the floor. You should have scissors in your kitchen.

I’ve never in my life had to pay so much to stay in a house so disgusting.

This was a short Thursday Thoughts, but we still have to sanitize and pack our stuff before we head out of Charleston! Forever!!!! Until John figures out a way to move us back which I’m sure he will because I’m starting to think he secretly hates me.

I’ll be back soon with a baby post and my favorite pictures from this year! Happy new year!

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