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This morning on our drive to school, over the sound of Old McDonald on repeat, I heard a few clicks and some slurping coming from the back seat. I glanced over my shoulder and the baby had found her jar of oatmeal, opened it, and started eating it with her hands.

But could anyone get mad at this girl?

Could anyone get mad at this girl?

She's also obsessed with the Target puppy in the dollar section.

She’s also obsessed with the Target puppy in the dollar section.

But, let’s get to the elephant in the room (me). T-4 days until Baby Sweet 2016 is scheduled to arrive. Four. Days.

I’m still in denial. It’s exciting, but it still feels a little surreal, as so much of this pregnancy we’ve acted like I’m not even pregnant. John loves to say he forgets I’m pregnant (thanks, John) since I act ‘normal,’ but I certainly don’t feel ‘normal,’ and the reason he thinks I am is because I still have to cook, do dishes, do laundry, go to work…etc. With our busy lives and impending move there really hasn’t been much time to ‘enjoy it.’ And we still don’t actually have a name. But we do now have a co-sleeper and the baby’s first little outfit.

Fine, John made dinner this night. Yes, it was perfect.

Fine, John made dinner this night. Yes, it was perfect. Run Fast. East Slow. salmon cakes and brussel sprouts.

Almost as crazy as the fact that the baby is coming Monday, is that we’re now double home owners. That’s two homes. That’s terrifying. Officially, our house hasn’t closed yet in Virginia Beach, but the contract has been signed and I’ve started my Pinterest boards. Basically a done deal. I can’t wait to share some pictures once we get closer and start decorating! And, besides the fun stuff like toys for the play room and the new baby’s furniture, the only big thing we think we’ll need to buy is a new couch (ours won’t fit in the shape of the living room) and a treadmill. Guess which one I’m most excited about.

One thing on my mind though is recovery time. Two reasons. I hate being ‘injured,’ aka, in pain, especially when there are babies to be played with and boxes to be moved. And, of course, running. Last time I jumped the gun little early and ran, short and slow, at about 4 weeks. I understand this isn’t recommended, if you’re a doctor or my parents or my husband you’re cringing right now, but my doctor had said I could start working out when I didn’t have pain…and that was four weeks. I had no complications and was running decently again by about 5 or 6 weeks. I don’t know if this time will be different, I’m in a lot better shape than last time, but it is my second surgery, so I don’t know how that plays into the healing process. Either way, I’m going to do everything I can to speed up recovery and be running again at 6 weeks…and I think I’m going to jump on the collagen train.

According to Instagram, collagen peptides–gelatin–have magical healing and anti-aging  powers. I’ve been looking into them for a while, but haven’t committed to either a brand or even really committed to wanting them. But, if they can help me heal faster AND feel better, I might have to invest in some. (They’re not cheap). Plus they’re supposed to help with wrinkles, and since I’m closing in, fast, on 31, it’s probably worth the money.

These are not collagen peptides, these are cookies. They don't have magical anti-aging powers. But they're delicious.

These are not collagen peptides, these are cookies. They don’t have magical anti-aging powers. But they’re delicious.

John’s parents come this weekend to help with Baby Sweet 2015 while I’m in the hospital, so we’re taking advantage of their generosity and going on a date night to McCrady’s Tavern (different than McCrady’s) and Peace Pies downtown. And maybe another car wash, if we’re feeling a little wild.

I don’t have much this week–thoughts I mean. Really. My pregnancy brain is probably the worst it’s been. I keep getting confused and forgetting things or just kind of spacing out. I read a great Buzzfeed article on the best pregnancy brain moments. I think my winner this time was the head of lettuce incident, where I thought it was a cauliflower when I bought it and got it out of the fridge to make my cauliflower rice, only to realize you can’t make cauliflower out of iceberg lettuce. Most of my things are little. Forgetting the baby’s shoes for school. Forgetting pieces of my workout clothes. Forgetting to set my alarm. But still, I always go down to my car during the day to make sure I dropped my daughter off at preschool. I really feel that ridiculous right now.

Keep a lookout for my last pregnancy workout post (hopefully with some good runs this weekend!) and stay tuned for baby news!

Have a great weekend!


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