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Yesterday, I posted some things I’m thankful for instead of my Thursday Thoughts. It didn’t quite read like things I’m thankful for, but, sometimes, I just open up a new post and start to write. And that’s what I get.

We had one of John’s friend’s over, so it was just the four of us, including the baby. It was nice to go small this year and not travel (not that I can fly anyway) and, also, NOT COOK! We realized it was about the same price to buy Thanksgiving catering from Whole Foods as it would have been to buy all the ingredients to make it, and we didn’t have to lift a finger (except go there twice, because they gave me the wrong order and John was furious and went ALL the way back to Mount Pleasant to exchange it).

We got everything warmed up, the table set, the baby in the high chair, and she lost her mind. She’s been sick with a cold, her nap was short and she was mad because we had on football, not You Tube Zoo animals that we let her watch when she’s not feeling well. (That’s educational, right??). So I ended up sitting with her in her room while she threw a giant tantrum, then eating alone. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I didn’t even take a picture of the food.

I do have a picture of these mini vegan pumpkin parfaits I made for the baby's class.

I do have a picture of these mini vegan pumpkin parfaits I made for the baby’s class.

And this delicious goat and cream cheese ball.

And this delicious goat and cream cheese ball.

When I was pregnant with her, I ran and worked out pretty consistently. Probably not as much as this time, but I was a little more cautious because of what a bad doctor told me. The day before my water broke, I did barre, then went on a long–long–walk with my neighbor. The next morning, a friend and I did a short run, then I relaxed with a mani/pedi and a movie. That night my water broke. The ONLY thing I’d done differently was walk.

Yesterday, I ran the Gobble Wobble Turkey Day 5k downtown (I’ll post more on that later), at a pretty decent pregnancy pace! I’m actually really proud, I haven’t run that fast in a while and I truly felt great. My breathing was great, my legs felt great, my feet felt great and I wasn’t even tired afterwards. Then, after our successful Thanksgiving dinner, we took the baby on a walk to the park, played, and then walked around the neighborhood for a while. I swear, I felt like I was going into labor. It’s the walking!!! I can run fine, but that walk nearly destroyed me.

I am so grateful for these extra few days off. Work has gotten pretty hard. I can read an email about 10 times and still not register what it’s saying. I have zero energy at around 3pm and just want to put my head down and sleep. I’m getting bad pains in my ribs from the drive. Just one more week in the office….THEN THE BABY COMES. Then we move. Although my coworker is convinced this baby is coming early. Please, just one more week! We have so much to do!

Last weekend we went to VA Beach to house hunt. We got a late start and the drive there was rough. It wasn’t six hours, like we thought.  It was 8 hours. Luckily, the baby was great going up there and slept most of the way (after a solid four hours of alternating between ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old McDonald’). Unfortunately, John and I had it a little worse. With about 50 miles to go both of us were struggling to stay awake. I was determined not to blink to be his back-up eyes. We arrived at our hotel at midnight, where the baby woke up. Until almost 3am.

Ready to house hunt in VA beach!

Ready to house hunt in VA beach!

Unpacking water bottles while we waited for the realtor.

Unpacking water bottles from a mini fridge while we waited for the realtor.

The best store bought green juice I've had, maybe ever?

The best store bought green juice I’ve had, maybe ever?


Virginia’s first certified organic restaurant–unfortunately, just a couple miles from the house we want. Between that, and the proximity of Whole Foods, adios bank account.

Somehow, on no sleep, John and I managed to find a house. The last of 10 we looked at, an after-dinner surprise that came in an updated Zillow email. The more I think about this house, the more excited I get. It’s completely renovated, has a nice backyard, is in a good–but not too pricey–neighborhood and it has a TON of space! I really, really hope it works out. That would make everything so much easier.

Happy Black Friday! I already took advantage of a big Gap/Old Navy sale (50% off everything!) last night and bought matching his/hers elf pajamas for the babies, THIS cute dress (I don’t do affiliate links, I’m just sharing) a tank top and a few other cute sweaters for my daughter. Now I have to decide if I should just buy THIS Sonnet James dress I’ve been wants on sale for 40% off, or realize that, I don’t need more clothes and I DO need to start saving for new house furniture. Or I could buy the dress…

One last thing! If you’re looking for a great holiday candle, I picked THIS one up on a whim at Whole Foods (where it was actually 5 dollars cheaper than it is online), and the smell is incredible. It’s a dirty, smoky vanilla, that’s very seasonal without being too sweet or cidery, two things that make me nauseous right now.

Have a great holiday weekend and happy shopping!



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