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We’re headed to Virginia Beach this weekend…

The orders haven’t actually come in yet, but John spoke to his detailer and it looks like he’s set to report early January. As in, we have about a month to put an offer on the house, find renters for our current house, have a baby and do the holidays.

This is pretty inconvenient. Obviously. But there are two good things I can’t overlook.

First, we’ll be starting off the year in a new house, with a new preschool, in a new state. It’s a clean transition come January, which mentally makes things easier (for me at least). I can compartmentalize our life into Charleston and Virginia. Second, I’ll still be on maternity leave when we move, so I won’t have to worry about working while I’m also unpacking, feeding a newborn and chasing a toddler. And then I’ll be working from home.

So…now what?

We find a house! John and I regularly send Zillow listings, some that we like, most as a joke, and some that we’d love after renovation. I don’t think a reno is going to happen, and I don’t think I can live with some of the 1970’s kitchens. Plus we need four bedrooms since I’ll be working from home. Plus I want a backyard, NO pool, 2 or more bathrooms and no creepy shed on the lot. It’s surprising how many VA Beach listings have those. I’d prefer not to have a convenient murderer’s lair on our property.

I took tomorrow off of work so we can go up there, but I don’t think John will be off that early, so I have some time to relax in the morning. My plan is: sleep until the baby wakes me up, take her to school, ginger latte, mani/pedi, barre class and maybe a solo movie? I’ve never done a solo movie before, but my friend does them ALL the time, and, as a result, sees every movie that comes out. Girl on the Train is still in theaters….(I read the book in about a day when we first took Baby Sweet 2015 home and there was absolutely no sleep happening unless she was being held).

I’ll give an update on our Virginia Beach trip next week, but, until then, here are some pictures that have been hanging around that need to be shared.

Giraffe noises and dress up from the clean laundry PILE.


Last weekend we got to watch our neighbor’s ‘puppy,’ Tucker. She thought Tucker prefered one dog food pellet at a time. img_0262Of course, Tucker really only liked John.


John and I went on a DATE last weekend. Back to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse because I was craving the mud pie. Turns out, mud pie at RCS is seasonal.


We got done with dinner at about 6:30pm. The baby wasn’t even asleep. So we sat there for about 20 minutes wondering what we could do. Options discussed: Target, grocery shopping, movie, walk to Lush. Lush was closed, I didn’t have a grocery list, the only movies that looked good started at 10pm. Target it was. On the way, we drove through a car wash. (This is what people do for fun in their 30’s, right?)



Elyse Kopecky, author of Run Fast. Eat Slow., liked my Instagram post. #humblebrag

img_0302She probably wouldn’t have if I’d posted this pregnancy brain fail. (When you half a recipe, you have to half the WHOLE recipe, apparently).


John has a serious fear of lasagna. He thinks that if we make it, he’ll be stuck eating it for lunch and dinner for weeks. I put it on the menu regardless, then made up a recipe for him to make after work. ‘John’s famous everlasting lasagna’ turned out beautifully, I could have easily eaten this every meal for a week. But I tried to save most of it for him.


Post-elliptical (see next week’s pregnancy miles post for the reason I was on the awful elliptical) off-menu drink at The Healthy Sprout. The Hamer: peanut butter, cocoa, agave, banana, cinnamon, etc. Hamer was also my great grandfather’s name. (I peeled off that gel nail polish today at work and exposed the grossest, long nails I’ve ever had. That’s what happens when your nail polish doesn’t chip for 3 weeks).


And, the fires. According to the news, the entire south is on fire, and Charleston, which is hundreds of miles away from where the forests are burning, has been blanketed in a layer of hazy orange smoke all week. Say a prayer or think good thoughts for our brave firemen that are working around the clock to control them.


Next week is a short week! Happy and safe travels if you’re off to celebrate Thanksgiving early! I’ll be working from home most the week since the baby’s school closes on Tuesday. After a Thanksgiving potluck at 10:30 am (believe me, I would much rather be with her than anywhere else, but, seriously, do no other parent’s work?).

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