Thursday Thoughts

I had a barre date turned major catch up session last night, so I never got around to my Thursday Thoughts. I also honestly forgot it was Thursday…just a blip in the long list of things I’m forgetting these days.

Where was I?

Right, it’s Friday! I’ve never looked forward to a Friday more. That’s not true, I’m sure I’ve looked forward to Friday dates and fun nights out and weddings and vacations, but, right now, Friday means no work tomorrow and a longer run and maybe a huge bagel sandwich and a juice.


All of the sudden I have this insatiable sweet tooth. Which is terrible because I make a huge deal about not eating too much sugar and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. But, seriously, if you gave me a chocolate cake right now I would eat the whole thing. With ice cream. And then have dessert. I’m trying to convince John to take me to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (I still can’t say it without a lisp) this weekend so I can order the sweet potatoes. One order of sweet potatoes and a side of mud pie, please. Ugh. Maybe I’ll just get it to go? Less embarrassing?

There’s only a month and a half until this baby comes, in case I haven’t made that clear. We’re still unprepared and don’t have a name (I was actually going to order this cute room decoration I got for my daughter with the baby’s name, then remembered we didn’t have one. See?? Pregnancy brain.), but I’m starting to feel more ready.


And a lot bigger. I had an easy workout week–way less miles and lots of yoga to alleviate some of my foot pain. A wonderful massage therapy appointment with a myokinesthetic treatment–muscle alignment and stimulation–helped immensely. I feel much more centered instead of constantly tilted to the right or about to fall on my face. The foot pain is still present, although much better, so I invested in some YogaToes. These come highly recommended and are supposed to help with hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and general foot pain. I felt a difference after one use, seriously, my toes felt stretched and my arch felt less cramped. But they also kind of hurt.

Namaste (in here and take a nap instead of going back to work).

Namaste (in here and take a nap instead of going back to work).

John wanted to try them and I warned him not to fall asleep with them on, so he fell asleep with them on. I haven’t seen his feet yet today, but I imagine there’s an inch between every toe.


I’m not even going to mention the election. I officially have no one to vote for.

We’ve been slacking on the fall festivities, it’s hard to enjoy fall when it still feels like the peak of summer. Some days are better, but I’m afraid if we carve pumpkins any day sooner than Halloween morning they’re going to rot away in the humidity. I am going to try to make some pumpkin bread this weekend, and light some fall candles, turn the AC on high and force John to watch Hocus Pocus. This is the best time of the year. I won’t let Charleston win.

Charleston did win in the traffic this week. I left Mount Pleasant with 28 miles until empty (I live much closer than 28 miles and wanted to make it to the cheaper gas stations), and an hour later I was stuck in traffic at 0 miles until empty. John reassured me on a panicked phone call that the 0 was a lie, but being pregnant with a toddler, I couldn’t risk it. So I navigated side streets and shook my fist at other drivers and barely made it to a gas station just as my car started to shudder. It took us almost two hours to get home.

Maybe that’s why I’m so happy it’s Friday.


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