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Can you tell her new word is ‘No?’ Forget threenager. We have an 18-month-ager.

It’s finally fall, y’all!

I can’t say that seriously. ‘Y’all’ doesn’t really flow for me and it’s still warming up to nearly 80 by mid-afternoon. But the pumpkins are out and some leaves (and trees and signs and fences) fell over the weekend and it’s just crisp enough in the morning that I can bring a sweater to work. And then forget it at my desk.

And…boot season!

I had my eye on these beauties, but they don’t have my size. Although I could probably get away with going up a size or two because my feet are already swollen. I brought my Rainbow flip flops to Atlanta, and after just a short walk to a restaurant near our hotel I could feel the straps cutting off my circulation. This point last time I permanently switched to UGG boots (and running shoes for running, obviously).

We didn’t get back from Atlanta until late Sunday–the five hour trip took us all day, between bathroom breaks, park breaks and an Augusta Whole Foods grocery shopping trip, we were beyond over the evacuation by the time we arrived back in Charleston.

As we passed from Georgia into South Carolina and wound through the small country towns, we started to see our first signs of damage. Downed trees draped over broken power lines, large areas of flooded low country sitting just off the road, foliage and debris strewn through backyards and sidewalks.

The damage was surprisingly worse the farther away we were, as we got closer to our own neighborhood there were still definite signs of the hurricane, but, for the most part, it seemed eerily normal.

Some of the only coastal damage I've seen, a Moe's sign that mysteriously gets more broken every day.

Some of the only coastal damage I’ve seen, a Moe’s sign that mysteriously gets more broken every day.

Our house was one of the only one’s damaged in our plantation (what they call communities in the South). We first noticed a missing piece of siding (saved by our neighbor), a roof tile and the fence blown over into the woods. What I had been most worried about, the forest of giant pine trees behind our house, had proved worrisome. A large amount of trees fell in the storm, just away from our house. John explored the area several feet in and came back describing a newly formed organic landscape with shelters for the animals. The animals that can now walk straight into our backyard through the broken fence.



My coworkers all got lucky too, the one who lives downtown had some minor leaking, otherwise, it was just our office that sustained damage. I walked into work on Monday to the worst smell I’d smelled since 20 minutes earlier driving by the paper mill, and by the end of the day had a headache and sore throat. Not wanting to expose myself to anything toxic, my pregnant coworker and I worked from her house for the next two days until the smell cleared. I don’t think people who’ve never experienced pregnancy understand how miserable something like a smell can be. Everything is so much stronger and more nauseating–at a point when it’s already hard to concentrate and you already don’t feel well the majority of the time. Sometimes I get tired of having to defend myself because I’m pregnant, and it’s even harder because I don’t really believe in milking it or using it as an excuse. But it’s a whole different level of exhaustion and moodiness and hunger and it would be nice if people could just accept that. Tangent done.

A whole group of girls who do accept that are the Bunco ladies that I played with on Wednesday. I think three of the 12 of us were pregnant this week. I’ve now gone two months in a row and I can’t remember why I stopped going for so long. (Ah, the exhaustion, nausea, headaches…I remember). Two notable things about this week’s Bunco night–my prize was picked by the winner and I was incredibly proud (I’ve never felt like a good gift giver) and, for having the most wins, I picked the fourth prize and chose Halloween themed window stickies for the baby.

On the way home it occurred to me that they would be much more appropriate to stick all over John’s car.


Have a wonderful weekend!

And thank you to all of the first responders–firefighters, policemen, linemen and military personnel–that worked through the hurricane to keep people safe and restore things back to normal.

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