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The Port Angeles vacation recap is in the works–two weeks late. I’m pregnant and I’m tired and for some reason it’s taking a lot of energy to write that one. Energy which I’m spending watching the fall premiers of my favorite shows. (Modern Family, Designated Survivor, How to Get Away with Murder, Secrets and Lies, Younger…).

Gratuitous beet juice picture just because it matched my shirt.

Gratuitous beet juice picture just because it matched my bump.

Last Thursday, I took my glucose test for gestational diabetes. I wasn’t really worried about the results, I stick to a pretty healthy, mostly no-added-sugar diet and had no issues during my last pregnancy. The doctor said they would ONLY call if there was an issue.

Friday at 11:59 AM, I was driving the baby back from her doctor appointment and missed a call from my doctor’s office. So I immediately called them back. They closed at noon.

First, what the heck?! How do you call 1 minute before closing on a workday at lunchtime? And then not leave any information in the voicemail but ‘please call us back!.’ So, all weekend I was in a panic thinking every time I took a bite of chocolate or had a piece of toast I was sending my body into a diabetic shock (I have no idea how gestational diabetes works).

At 8:30 am Monday I dialed their office, bracing myself for three months of a vegetables only diet. The nurse politely told me I had low iron and needed to take iron supplements. No mention of gestational diabetes. No phone call addressing it. No reason to feel guilty over the cookie from Whole Foods, ice cream, corn bread, toast and bagel I had. So maybe a little more than chocolate…

I did gain some serious sympathy for people that have to deal with GD during their pregnancy. It’s just another layer of stress to add into 9 months of questioning everything. Did I run too hard? Is my shampoo poisonous? Did I get too hot walking from my office to the car? Did I eat too much tuna casserole?

I definitely think this baby is in growth spurt mode because I’ve been non-stop starving. In a moment of desperation before ‘runch’ today (lunchtime run) I remembered a squished granola bar in my diaper bag that had been packed for John’s airport snack from who knows which flight. It. Was. Delicious.


(Ignore my gross nails). At that point I was contemplating eating the baby’s squash pack that’s been at the bottom of my diaper bag since Seattle. Does anyone else have this issue with their diaper bag? It’s a magical Mary Poppins black hole filled with stray food, 20 diapers (except when you actually need a diaper, then zero diapers), all of the mom stuff (money, keys–which are nowhere to be found, chapstick), gnawed on books, pieces of toys, a spoon, 3 water bottles, dirty napkins, clean napkins, dried wipes and a layer of crumbs. No matter how much I clean it and wipe it down it reverts back.

Back to food, my week wasn’t all bagels, questionable granola bars and that guilty cookie from Whole Foods. We tried two new Run Fast. Eat Slow. meals, butternut squash pasta with sage brown butter (pasta was fresh from Whole Foods…and wow, it was incredible) and breakfast at night bowls. Breakfast at night holds a special place in my heart. It was my college BFF’s and my favorite meal of the three or four we’d eat at different dining halls every night. (PS-if you’re college searching, choose Smith, purely for the dining experience. You can get educated anywhere. But you’ll never eat like this again). Breakfast at night always reminds me of cozy fall evenings in western Massachusetts…surrounded by women. Smith is a women’s college.


Fall feast to go with my fall decorations (that promptly rotted away in the humidity).

We also tried the VERY authentic Texas BBQ downtown that moved here from Austin. Country music and a desert vibe. I felt right at home. (And you know it's good food when I'm actually eating the red meat).

We also tried the VERY authentic Texas BBQ that moved to downtown Charleston from Austin. Country music and a desert vibe. I felt right at home. (And you know it’s good food when I’m actually eating the red meat).

Tonight I did something a little different than normal–I went OUT. On a girls’ night to get dessert and pedicures. I haven’t had the easiest time meeting friends in Charleston, not because there aren’t great girls here to meet, but because I’m so busy with work and commuting and being a mom and doing dishes that I just don’t feel like I have anything in common with anyone. Or time to make an effort. The two girls’ I went out with are FANTASTIC. One of them is my best friend’s sister-in-law (my friend is still in San Diego until I can convince her to move where we are) and the other is her friend from Bunco, that I’ve occasionally been able to go to. They’re both Navy wives with toddler boys and are just really fun, thoughtful and positive. And it was so refreshing to feel like I WASN’T making an effort.

I don’t think I appreciated the importance of girlfriends until I spent so much time without them. I’m really trying to get away from the mindset that I can never do anything for myself or have me time (outside of running). It’s hard when you don’t spend that much time with your baby because of work and work leaves you mentally exhausted and the train that decides to stop on the tracks during rush hour every day on your way home is literally going to drive you insane. But, balance. That’s the key to pretty much everything right? (RE: Whole Foods cookie).

My goal this weekend is to find a really good podcast to listen to at work. One of my friends from back home always has the best podcasts to share, and, since I have so many shows to watch and no time to read, I need some variety. She’s the one that originally told me about Serial (the good season) and all of the follow-up podcasts. So her taste is basically exactly the same as mine.

Otherwise, John and I are going to go out on a date night? I say that with a question because I’m not sure I believe it. I want to see Sully. He lied and said he made reservations at Charleston’s finest restaurant. We’ll probably end up falling asleep in the car halfway down the driveway.

And watching football on Sunday with this tiny Giants fan!

And of course we’re watching football on Sunday with this tiny Giants fan who thought it was hilarious to throw the football on the ground during our wagon ride so I kept having to pick it up.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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