Thursday Thoughts

I started writing this in the car last night, then got carsick and tired and called it a day. Here was yesterday:

Hurricane Hirmine decided to show up just in time to ruin all Labor Day plans. We’re not prepared. But we’re also evacuating for a spontaneous long weekend trip, and currently on our way to the Atlanta airport to avoid missing our flight tomorrow because of bad weather.

Every time John says, ‘so…I was thinking…’ I should just run. Because we end up on a ridiculous drive in a rented minivan to spend the night in Augusta, famous only for the famous people that come to the Master’s.  I guess a night in Augusta is better than a stormy weekend stuck inside with boxes of Annie’s Mac n Cheese, cans of beans and coconut water. (Our current choices).

These things usually fizzle into thunder storms by the time they reach us. The only time the disaster actually came through were the floods of last year, and that was more just constant rain saturating the below sea level terrain. Either way, we should probably grab some gallons of water and a camping stove or something before we actually do get stuck in a 100-year hurricane and actually try to live off of Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese.

That’s all I had yesterday.

So what happened was we originally had plans to take a 4pm flight to Nebraska to see John’s family, friends and go to the opening Husker game. Then Hermine rotated it’s way into the weekend and John, in a panic to get to the heartland, decided we were leaving out of Atlanta early Friday morning. With all the schools closed, my work on a hurricane schedule and John getting the day off, there really was no reason not to. Except the 5 hour drive to the airport and the fact that I’ve been so tired I can hardly function.

That’s when the ‘so…I was thinking came into play.’ John had already booked the flights and the rental minivan and decided we were leaving at 8pm Thursday to drive to Augusta, where he’d already booked a hotel. He took the baby on a wagon ride while I panic-packed and got ready for the 3 hour drive.

Leaving at the baby’s bedtime meant she was asleep in the car for most of the ride. But asleep in the car to her meant power nap and when we got to Augusta, she woke up, ready to party. And party hard. We could NOT get her to sleep. She was between us in a king size bed and literally flopping around like a hooked fish screaming ‘puppy!’ I finally fell asleep-while John took over trying to get her to sleep-and I woke up on my back with her on top of me on top of the baby in my stomach. Sorry, baby…

Sleepless night, early morning, two more hours to Atlanta, and missing breakfast meant two very tired parents and of course, an incredibly awake and energetic toddler who decided the plane ride to Omaha was her time to shine.

That’s the spark notes of how Thursday Thoughts evolved this week, with us ending up in John’s hometown of Auburn, Nebraska for a weekend getaway with much, much cooler temperatures (long run OUTSIDE tomorrow!), checking off another Whole Foods on our list (Omaha) and going to the Husker game tomorrow in Lincoln (I even just painted my nails Husker red).

Sometimes, I actually think we’re crazy. But then we’re on a backroad at 11pm, starving, trying not to laugh too loudly and wake up the sleeping baby because we’re so delirious and hungry and I realize, this is the good stuff, right? Memories aren’t made on the couch watching Superstore. As hilarious as it is.

Plus, I’m looking forward to a travel post, finally, we’ve been majorly slacking in the travel department and I only have a few more weeks left to fly before I’ll, technically, be too pregnant. But techincalities usually don’t stop me. Especially since we’re likely moving around the time I’m supposed to have this baby…

Back porch swingin' in Nebraska.

Back porch swingin’ in Nebraska.

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