Thursday Thoughts

How is it already Thursday again? I had two posts I wanted to do this week that got lost in a work-headache-John working-heartburn and growing pains blur. And all of the sudden it’s Thursday again. Time flies when you’re too busy to sit down.

And you’re too busy testing all your new recipes from Run Fast Eat Slow. Yes, I’m that basic. This books is the hottest thing on Instagram right now. I don’t care. The recipes are delicious. And healthy. But in a not-so-typical-healthy way. While I usually cook a lot of vegan/coconut oil dishes that are healthy but low in fat and try to cut down on curbs (and always sugar), this cookbook instead stresses real (good) fats, dairy, carbs and proteins-things to fuel a runner and a healthy lifestyle. I like to find a balance between the two because, unfortunately, unlike the author Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan, I don’t run for work. Which means I don’t consistently burn as many calories and don’t always need to be properly fueled for a 20 miler.


But I love, and agree with, the message behind this cookbook. We don’t fuel our bodies right, not just as runners, but as humans. Fad diets often lack the nutrients we really need to build energy and burn fat and, because of that, runners have slower recovery times and more injuries. I can speak first hand to the truth that the better you fuel your body the healthier it will be (duh). When I stopped eating Taco Bell and junk food, my running got better. I’m injured less. I have more energy. Changing the way you perceive food can truly change the way you live.

Speaking of, I need to pause and go get my gluten, refined sugar, dairy-free chocolate macaroons out of the oven. From Run Fast Eat Slow of course.

Then timing of this book (thanks John for surprising me with it after I talked about it incessantly for two days) is aligned perfectly with a sudden onset of pregnancy symptoms. The worst, heartburn. After. I. Eat. Anything. So of course when I googled how to relieve heartburn it said avoid spicy food. What now? Nope.


Food Babe’s taco pizzas: heartburn.


Random paella and tofu: heartburn.

Almond butter brownies: heartburn.

Almond butter brownies: heartburn.

Because of this I’ve had very little appetite, but I still made granola and superpower muffins from my new cookbook. Both of these were tiny miracles. They filled me up for hours–literally hours–so I didn’t have to worry about eating and heartburn. Bonus, I didn’t feel sickly full after eating either because there’s nothing bad for you in them. And still, they taste amazing…the magic of real food.



The only thing that doesn’t give me heartburn? Vanilla ice cream. Even though I told my friend I’d stop eating ice cream in solidarity with her because she had to stop eating it during her pregnancy, I lied. And I’ve been eating a spoonful at night so I can sleep.

John told me yesterday that he read that Katie Ledecky, swimming star in Rio, decided not to go pro and instead swim for Stanford. I actually respect that decision. She’s only 19, and yes, while she’s turning down potentially millions of dollars, she not turning down the chance to just be a college student, have friends, find a major and actually enjoy her young adulthood. I think that’s admirable. Money will come and go, but the college experience is fulfilling in ways that money isn’t.

Update on those chocolate macaroons. They’re perfect. Crunchy and soft and sooo rich. And they’re just coconut, cocoa, coconut oil, vanilla and maple syrup.

Please don’t give me heartburn…


Three minutes later and still heartburn free!

Have a great weekend!



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