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It wouldn’t be true good Olympic Television without a little controversy right? And…Lochte lied. I’m not that surprised, more sad that our athletes didn’t have more integrity on a world stage, but when you put so much pressure on people in the public eye, things are going to spiral. Like the gymnast Gabby Douglas. I’m as patriotic as they get and I wasn’t offended that she didn’t put her hand over her heart during our national anthem. I’m going to believe that was an honest mistake. Her life doesn’t have to get ruined because of it. #teamgabby (John disagrees).

I’ve been in the grips of Track and Field all week–Bolt destroying the 100 meter field, Shaunae’s dive…three American medals in the hurdles?! There are so many amazing stories coming out of the games, the opposite of how I though Rio would be. Which was more like Lochte’s made up version, I guess.


We don’t really let Baby Sweet 2015 watch TV–except sports. I like to have football on on Sunday’s (and now Saturday’s since John is only interested in college football) and I want her and her future brother and all the other future Sweet’s to grow up in a house with sports teams and allegiances and the memories of watching games as a family. And those games include the Olympics. With her not being a TV watcher, I’ve been kind of shocked by how into Rio she’s been. Especially diving. And last night she stood on the couch pounding her chest during gymnastics.

I’ve been really lucky this pregnancy to have basically no pregnancy pain. Until today. All of the sudden my lungs are killing me, my abdomen feels like it’s being pulled in both directions and literally everything is sore. It’s getting harder to do normal things, like pick up the baby, bath time, my own pedicures–anything that involves bending over. But I can still do my long runs, so I’m not sure if the not being able to pick things up is actually pregnancy related…or I’m just old. Either way, these weeks where John and I work opposite hours are getting harder to manage on my own. Does anyone want to come to Charleston to help? I’ll buy you shrimp ‘n grits….?

This is my new long run fuel btw, it's incredibly addicting.

This is my new long run fuel btw, it’s incredibly addicting.

John actually took tomorrow off so we can go to a Charleston Riverdogs (AA) baseball game with my work. People here take the Riverdogs VERY seriously, way more seriously than we ever took the Padres back home. The whole experience is the opposite of what I would imagine a normal minor league game to be like–incredibly crowded, decent food selection, super enthusiastic fans, and TV commercials about every 3rd spot on the nightly news. Bill Murray owns the team by the way. And ARod played for them for I think one game the month before we moved here.

I actually like going to baseball games–much more than watching them on TV–but I’m not looking forward to this one. It’s late, it’s going to be sweltering and we’re going to being chasing a toddler around the stands. #whoseideawasthis

The one thing I am looking forward to tomorrow is a ‘massage’ at lunch time. It’s not really a massage, it’s more like sports medicine meets natural medicine meets torture. It’s not relaxing. This lady knows how every part of the body is connected and always manages to cure all of my ailments in an hour. Tomorrow’s tasks are the knots on my neck and shoulders, lower back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, round ligament pain, joint pain, arch pain…I told you I’m getting old.


Hopefully we’ll also be doing some good cooking this weekend–I’ve lost my eating out appetite and just want to eat food at home. Even if it’s scraps. Although sometimes it’s these delicious while bean burgers and the season’s first (vegan!) pumpkin bread.



That’s about all I’ve got this week. I’m beat. And a chocolate yogurt Popsicle and  Pretty Little Liars is calling my name.

Happy weekend!


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