Thursday Thoughts

It was just a matter of time before I got sick again. This couldn’t come during a worse week, I have so many work deadlines I literally can’t take a day off to get better. Plus, the whole pregnancy thing is making me feel like I just want to sleep for a week.

Instead, I’m loading up on vitamins and water trying to get this thing (the cold, not the baby, baby can stay) out of me. Ain’t nobody got time for a sick day!


On a similar note, I saw a girl I knew in college post a picture from Sweden commemorating 18-month maternity leave. I would still be on maternity leave from having Baby Sweet 2015. With about two months left.  From a worker perspective, I think that’s a little excessive. It’s a long time to be gone and many small companies can’t support paying two people to do one job. But it’s also wonderful that they have that option and really put motherhood first. The US does many great things, but supporting mothers is not one of them. I got six weeks. And, under law, my company didn’t have to give it to me because I’d been there less than a year (they did, however, which of course I appreciated at the time).

John worked all last weekend so I took the baby to the Children’s Museum downtown. I used to LOVE the Children’s Museum in San Diego, so of course I thought this one was going to be awful.

But, it was actually pretty cute. They had a whole bunch of different rooms–a pirate ship room, an engineering room, a water room and a toddler/baby room. The front desk guy recommended I take her to the toddler/baby room, which was smart because some of the “big kids” literally looked like teenagers, but to the tiny babies barely able to life their heads, mine was a humongous giant, throwing things at them. She’s very much an in-between right now–too small to do a lot of the big kid stuff, but definitely not a baby.

She’s not too small to sweep up at Park Circle Creamery.


This week was John’s 40th-8 birthday (32 for people like me who can’t do math), so we celebrated at his favorite, EVO with this gorgeous watermelon summer salad and our own personal pizzas. And then Park Circle Creamery of course, where the owner tried to convince John to not stay in the Navy. But if he stays in now, when he retires he’ll only be 50-8.



As sumer peaks, I’m trying to take advantage of all the summer fruits and vegtables, but if I eat another pluot, I might spit it out. Instead, this week we made my new favorite, zoodles, mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and basil bake.




I love that Britney Spears didn’t remember meeting Taylor Swift (and the world made a huge deal out of it). Even though TSwift and I share a birthday (plus or minus a few years), I’m totally team Britney. Britney is basically the last celebrity that seems like she doesn’t actually want to be famous. I really hope we can make it out to Vegas to see her show–I’ve hit some of the big ones, Celine, Garth, and that list would NOT be complete without Britney.

And, on the note of great music, I heard a rumor that My Chemical Romance is getting back together….fact or fiction? Can someone clear that up, because the internet isn’t giving me a straight answer. I was a HUGE MCR fan girl, I have a little emo in me leftover from the punk scene in High School (ugh I feel so old), and I listened to them non-stop in college. Of course I didn’t have a poster of Gerard Way in my dorm room, because that would be super creepy. Right.

Is anyone else watching the Olympics? I’m excited for it, especially the running events, but having it in Rio seems a little…precarious, given that they’ve issued warning to not swim, potential terrorism, zika….etc. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I would be a little nervous to get in water where I cautioned not to put my head in. And also be worrying about winning a medal.

That’s all I’ve got for Thursday Thoughts , I’m going to bed.

Have a great weekend!



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