Thursday Thoughts

John went to bed at about 7 pm last night after being up for almost 48 hours on night shift. At 8 pm, after the baby went to bed, I went to our room to get my workout clothes. He bolted out of bed with his phone in hand, saying he ‘had to go back.’

‘You have to go back to work?’

‘Yes, the air conditioning. *Mumble, mumble.* Broken.’


He got back in bed, put his phone on the nightstand and said ‘I was thinking about using old air conditioning parts like they do…*mumble, unrecognizable words*…the red grapes.’

Then he fell back asleep.

I sat in the living room for about ten minutes trying to catch my breath, I was laughing so hard.

Sleep deprivation, guys. And red grapes…


I randomly had all of the ingredients for Ants on a Log at work. That wasn't planned.

I randomly had all of the ingredients for Ants on a Log at work. That wasn’t planned.

Without fail, every week I write ‘Thursday Thoights’ in the post title instead of ‘Thursday ThoUghts.’ One of these days I’m going to forget to edit it. I’m sure there are a lot of things I forget to edit. I’m a terrible speller and WordPress has horribly inconsistent spell check.

This yard won most improved yard in our plantation. Two things, they still give yard awards? Are we back in the 60's? And this was the winner??

This yard won most improved yard in our plantation. Two things, they still give yard awards? Are we back in the 60’s? And this was the winner??

Last Saturday, I took the baby back to the Charleston Aquarium for some fish fun. It was well into the 100’s in Charleston and, at that point, even our air conditioning had given up.

Her favorite part were the stuffed animals. My favorite part was the air conditioning. But I definitely didn’t think through pushing an empty stroller and carrying a wriggling toddler between exhibits. Plus everyone was staring at us, and I couldn’t figure out why. Then a guy made a comment about the strollers passenger, a teddy bear we call teddy’s baby who was riding along like he was the legitimate stroller passenger. And I looked even crazier than I had thought.


I will say, it was much more fun going to the aquarium than reading Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 256 more times. I can’t believe she’s not bored with that book yet. And we still have, what? Five months until Christmas? Go slow, five months, we haven’t even started prepping for this next baby.


We also met my friend for ice cream and a nice walk through the tiny hipster community of Park Circle on Friday night. The baby ate almost my entire key lime and strawberry double scoop. Minus what she tried to feed to me and got all over my dress. I’m actually impressed she liked the key lime though, you could taste the actual pieces of lime, and it was pretty bitter.


On Monday, John made delicious battered fish tacos. I’d bought the fish that was on sale at Whole Foods, not realizing, or even thinking, that it wasn’t pregnancy safe…so John was stuck eating a pound of rockfish. (Fine, I cheated and tried a teeny bite…and of course they were the BEST fish tacos I’ve had since San Diego).

We also made these incredible stuffed poblanos from Love and Lemons–with quinoa instead of rice.  There hasn’t been one recipe from her website that I haven’t loved. I made these after my ultrasound on Wednesday while I was finishing up some work from home, and I got a taste of what VA Beach might be like if I stay with my current job and work from home full time. I could get used to the multi-tasking and having dinner ready at 5. Five pm dinner leaves time for second dinner. And there’s always room for second dinner.






My Thursday ThoIghts are pretty lame this week. We’re about through John working nights and weekends, and I’m beyond exhausted. I even forgot to set my alarm last night and got an extra half and hour of sleep. John woke me up pretty excited that I had forgotten to set my alarm because I’m so OCD about checking and double checking that it says 5:45 am.  But with an excuse like pregnancy brain, I think work would let me off the hook, just once. And then I would have had time to get the office Nana’s donuts…I messed that one up.

I’m going to attempt a long run on Saturday with the stroller while John’s at work. The benefit is that I can pack water and snacks, the drawback is that the baby is getting bored with long runs and likes to throw her water bottle at me. If I time it right, she MIGHT take a nap. But that’s a lie, since she has refused to nap for since the day we brought her home.

Hope you have a long, cool weekend!

(Ps-this was taken at about 7:30 pm, when it was approximately 730 degrees out. We didn’t see another living soul on our patrol).




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  1. Edye July 29, 2016 at 9:54 pm #

    Love the “red grapes” incident. I’m known to say some pretty odd things in my sleep too 😉

    Edye |

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