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I’ve been working on a pregnancy diet post this week, but I decided not to rush it and make it a little more thoughtful than my usual ramblings. Pregnancy diet and nutrition are a huge passion–and gripe–of mine. I decided last time that pregnancy is not an excuse. It’s not an excuse to mistreat your body with junk food, to be lazy and not exercise and to just generally think this is your time to eat whatever you want, complain about whatever you want and get away with anything. Did you forget you’re creating a person??? Your body needs to be healthy! How can that person be healthy if all you eat is Taco Bell and Publix cake???

But I’ll save that rant for the post I’m working on.

On that healthy note, we went to the vegan, organic donut shop John found last weekend. For someone who isn’t a huge donut fan, these were GOOD. They weren’t very sweet, which I liked, and they tasted a lot lighter than a normal sugary, stale, Dunkin Donuts. We tried the chocolate, peanut butter and jelly and cinnamon sugar. If I crave a donut between now and the time we move, I’d go back. Otherwise, donut craving, fulfilled, until next year.

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Anyway…on an actual healthy note, this is what I left for John to eat on Wednesday.

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John and I are at war. He thinks I leave too many lights on. So this morning I left THEM ALL on. I get annoyed that he puts the sriracha in the drink shelf in the fridge. So today he moved the drink shelf. He thinks bugs come in our house when I leave the garage door to the laundry room open when I’m packing the car in the morning. So I built a Trump-inspired wall out of my shoes to keep them out.

Part of this war is that John likes to say that whatever scraps I’ve left out after making lunches are what I’ve left him to eat that day. See above picture.

Marriage is what you make of it.

If you’re thinking I (or we) are crazy, please go watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend! I can’t stop thinking about this show, it reminds me so much of the crazy people my friends and I were in college. It’s so awkward, it’s embarrassing to watch. I can’t stop. Any girl who has ever done something crazy for, um, ‘love,’ will appreciate it. I feel awkward just typing this. But seriously, go watch it. It’s hysterical.

We finally had a couple days of cooler weather this week–all the way down to the high 80’s. I did my Tuesday run at night after a rain storm, so the air was still thick and humid, but the temperature had cooled and there was an actual breeze.


I felt awful. I think I’m in a growth spurt because my bump was pressing on my lungs, I had absolutely no energy and my legs felt like pogo sticks running through the deep end of a pool. I stuck it out for about four miles, then did some quick strides and called it a night.

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My run today felt about the same. My coworker and I made a last minute decision to run the trail by our work because it was about 20 degrees cooler than normal (still 80’s), and, while I loved getting back to the shaded path down by the water, again, I had no energy. Forty minutes with ten minutes of ‘speed work.’ Then this avocado toast with sea salt and evo. The paper plate doesn’t do it justice.

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Part of the reason my runs have been so miserable this week is because my feet are already starting to swell. I need to get some new running shoes–the light, low drop pair I’ve been wearing just don’t have enough support for my extra pounds and slow pace and my arches are killing me. (They hurt during the race too, but I was totally in the zone and didn’t care, which is probably why they hurt more now). So today I wore my whale Sperry’s to work for some extra comfort and felt very nautical with my navy stripes and new bright work rug. (Yes, my work actually bought this rug at my request to brighten up my office. I work with vampires and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that turns my lights on).

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Did anyone else shop the always disappointing Amazon Prime Day sale? I found one thing–this sun and star lighting lamp for the baby’s room for $12. It projects a colorful solar system all over her bedroom walls and all over my planet sized baby bump. I’ll be 20 weeks this weekend and I already look like I’m entering the third trimester.

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Our plans this weekend are no plans. John will be working, so I’m thinking I should try to take the baby to the aquarium or the Children’s Museum, or something so we don’t just sit inside and read Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer morning to night–and through the night if she had her way. But, maybe because it’s the only thing I’ve read this year, I’m 99% sure that our Halloween costumes will be inspired by Rudolph’s red nose journey.

Have a great weekend!

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