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For the past two weeks, all I can think about is Indian food. We had the best Indian buffet a block from my old job at San Diego Gas and Electric. My coworkers and I would walk over there at lunch and eat about three meals worth of curried vegetables, curried chicken, curried potatoes, curried cheese thing (I still don’t know what it was, but man, was that GOOD), three baskets of naan and rice pudding. I’ve been missing San Diego a lot lately, and I think I figured out that the real thing I’ve been missing (besides my friends, family, the beach, the mountains, Nordstrom’s, the lack of traffic compared to Charleston–I’m not kidding, the trail running, my old hair dresser, cheap nail salons and yoga) are the restaurants.

Charleston does not have Indian food. Charleston does not have Rubios. Charleston does NOT HAVE CASA DE JUICE. I give up on you, Charleston. All you have is traffic.

Besides that Indian restaurant in La Mesa, I used to get the packets of Indian food from Trader Joes back when I was single and spending more time working out than cooking. I thought that was my best option in the south, those instant Indian food packets, but now that I’m pickier about food, I’ve realized they’re full of crap that I don’t want to eat. I’ve been hoping I would find a better option, and this morning, after taking my daughter to a doctor’s appointment, I stopped at Whole Foods for a snack. There, in the ethnic food aisle, were these:

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I mean, that’s a little insane, right? I literally go to Whole Foods 99% of the days in the year and they just got these in this week. Coincidence? Or Google search data-mining?

This actually turned out to be a solid week for food. Wednesday night, John and I broke our ‘no date nights ever’ rule and went out for the first time since the beginning of February when we went to the French Laundry in Napa. I’m not kidding, we haven’t had a real night out in over a quarter of a year. We went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which opened recently downtown. And besides our incredibly awkward crew of waiters and John not having slept in over 24 hours, it was actually a great time. I got the shrimp ‘n grits, New Orleans style I’m guessing, John got the Cod, and we split the most incredible dish on the menu, the sweet potato casserole. (We also took this fantastic picture).

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Then we had dessert. I haven’t had a dessert like this in almost as long as we haven’t been out.

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Should I keep talking about food? Ok, cool.

My dad inspired me to start making loaded oatmeal for breakfast. This week was steel cut oats, strawberries, raisins, walnuts, almond milk and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. It was REALLY good, and actually kept me full for a solid two hours. I think next week I’m going to try some of his go-to toppings, including dried apricots (doesn’t that sound amazing?). Oatmeal doesn’t have to be that boring.

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My coworkers and I took a which Pretty Little Liars character are you quiz and one of them got A and the other got Mona. Of course I got Ezra, which makes me believe this quiz is 100% correct and I should be really worried. Especially because mysterious things have been happening to my computer…disappearing files, unexplained changes to my analytical work, no connection to the internet….hmmm.

My daughter got her first baby version of Stitch Fix last week, Mac and Mia. It’s adorable–you fill out their ‘style profile,’ choose brands you like and go through pictures of clothes that your child would wear. I loved everything she got, but, unfortunately, almost everything was too small! She’s outgrown the 12-18 month size group, so all we got to keep were a pair of shorts and a blowfish purse.

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I found my next race! A beach 10k!! I’m really excited, and I get to wear my new Oiselle Volee jersey! Wings out!

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Two things have made me happy this week–I’m trying to work on having a better attitude when John is working nights. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which the best show on Netflix. I watch one episode every night before bed, even if it’s past 10pm.

And this picture.


Have a wonderful weekend! We’ll be catching fireworks with some friends tomorrow night, making more Green Chef meals and generally being lazy.

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