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Instead of packing for our flight to DC tomorrow, I’m sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of blueberries and homemade whipped cream, about to catch up on some TV.

To be fair, half the things I want to pack are currently at the beginning of a wash cycle, so I can’t pack them anyway. And I never like packing the night before. Night before vision of what I might want to wear over the weekend is never as accurate as frantic morning-of vision. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little less frantic. I took the day off, our flight doesn’t leave until noon and I can drop the baby off at school. I have some lofty morning goals. Early morning run, take baby to school, Whole Foods dark chocolate decaf mocha (my new vice), pedicure, wrap baby shower gifts, wash and straighten my hair.

And pack.

Has anyone else tried this coconut water? I’m honestly not a huge fan of coconut water–it’s the taste that throws me off. But, the other day I felt like I needed a little hydration boost, so I tried this one I found at Whole Foods. The coolest part about it? It turns hot pink on it’s own. Apparently it’s the natural antioxidants. It also tastes the least coconut water-ish out of all the coconut waters I’ve tried.

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So far, since Tuesday, I’ve stuck with my new Fun Run Box training plan. Day 1, easy 30-40 min run, day two rest (I did Suzanne Bowen Fitness barre bootcamp and arms), day three, light speed workout: 10 minutes easy, 4 x 3 min threshold with 3 min rest, cool down. I ran on the treadmill at lunch and it was a great FAST workout. The whole thing was over in less than 40 minutes, so I had time to shower before going back to work. Of course, we were still late (my gym buddy and I), because a garbage truck blocked out entrance to the parking lot.

I was browsing a list of summer reading books, and I have no idea where to start. Summer reading is my favorite time to read romance/girly/beach-themed books. My favorite last year was Bittersweet. It was so sinful and juicy and complicated, but at the same time, I read it in just a couple days. And that was with a new baby.

Our plans for DC revolve entirely around eating. After we land tomorrow, we’re going to Founding Farmers, a locally sourced restaurant not far from the White House. We’ve eaten there before and it’s incredibly cool. They have a huge variety on the menu–vegan meatloaf to (real) chicken and waffles. I’m avoiding looking at the menu beforehand because I won’t be able to stop thinking about it until dinner.

By the way, I just looked it up on Open Table to get the link, and it said booked 247 times today. That’s…impressive.

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Meal prep and my new new favorite chocolate Numi tea. Chocolate tea. Tastes nothing like chocolate. But delicious.

We made it through most of our weekly meal plan, all but today’s meal. When I pulled into the driveway after work  I noticed John wasn’t home, which was odd, because he’s on days and gets off much earlier than me. He arrived a few minutes later with Hibachi no-show from Myles and June Yakitori, an incredible little Japanese restaurant about 30 minutes from us. Most of their food is organic, local and fresh, and you can taste the difference. It almost doesn’t taste like hibachi. It’s missing all the oil.

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I’m definitely looking forward to a four day weekend, and another short work week. Even though this weekend has evolved into celebrating the beginning of summer, take a minute to remember why you get to. And don’t’ thank a service member. They have their day. (Believe me, I’m reminded all the time). This weekend is about the men and women that never made it home. We can have fun this weekend, but we can’t forget their sacrifice. We’ll never know how great that is.

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