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Technically, it’s Friday again. So my Thursday Thoughts are a little late, like most things these days. I was going to write a post last night, but then I got a rare opportunity. An evening run. My day was crazy, work was crazy, I had to take the baby to a doctor appointment at lunch, then I had to finish dinner when I got home. And, of course, we had to go on our evening animal patrol.


John actually took a couple days off this week–my dad and stepmom are coming in to town and he didn’t want to be a loopy mess from his night shift. Since he was home, I let him put the baby to bed, and escaped on a run.
I love the few minutes in the evening right before it gets dark, where the sun has already set, but there’s still lingering light. The weather cooled, significantly, and it was exactly what I needed after a busy day. #whenindoubtrunitout

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Then I came home to these black bean brownies (not a typo) and a new episode of Modern Family.

I’ve been so excited about this news, but I haven’t shared it with anyone except a couple friends yet. I’m going to BlogHer in LA this summer!!! It was John’s Mother’s Day present. MOTHER’S DAY. I told him that I seriously don’t expect a present like that for any holiday, much less Mother’s Day. But, despite setting the bar way too high (I mean, Father’s Day?!?!) it was one of the best presents he’s ever gotten me. And he’s the best gift-giver I’ve ever met.

I know what you’re thinking, YOU’RE going to BlogHer?? But your blog isn’t famous! That’s correct. But I LOVE blogging. I may have gotten a late start in this game (November), I may have approximately 1 Instagram follower,  and my blog gets about as much traffic as a small farm town, but I’ve felt so much more like ME since I’ve started writing again. And I’m extremely excited to meet bloggers who have made it a career, get website tips, content tips and inspiration to keep this little thing going. Plus, we’ll be in LA, so we’ll get to go to Au Fudge.

John also got me this beautiful purse that I had been eyeing at the Exchange on base.

John also got me this beautiful purse that I have been eyeing at the Exchange on base. He always knows exactly what to get me. I never know what to get him.

If that didn’t make it a great enough mother’s day, I got two surprises in the mail. John and I have a friend (who we met through the Navy in Charleston), that we truly consider a part of our family. Like a little brother. He’s now in an officer program, getting his degree from Columbia, but he sent me these beautiful flowers! I was blown away. It was so incredibly thoughtful.

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And then the baby’s first ever nanny, the poor girl who took care of her before she was old enough to go to daycare and I was working from home, sent me a Mother’s Day card. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever gotten. And I’m glad she still talks to me after putting up with my worst stage of helicopter parenting.

My new favorite running shirt came in the mail this week. What’s better to kick off summer running than a giant, melting Popsicle jersey? I should keep track of how many times I wear this shirt to the gym, then find an excuse to get a Popsicle afterwards.

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Because my dad and stepmom are in town this weekend, John and I are actually thinking of going out. On a date. We haven’t done that in months. I really want to see a movie–it’s literally been over a year. Crazy, right? My coworker suggested How to Be Single, and I think I trust his opinion, so we’ll probably see that or the new Captain America. (Actually, my best friend and I watched the first Captain America on the USS Midway in San Diego on July 3, 2012. The day before I met John at a Navy bar!). Or maybe we’ll just take a nap.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll leave you with these pictures of the baby helping John capture a wasp that snuck into the house. She found that paper towel roll all on her own.

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