Thursday Thoughts

And…it’s summer.

Almost 80 degrees this week in Charleston. At least we were able to acclimate in Miami. I don’t mind 80. I don’t mind 90 (next week’s forecast). I don’t even mind 100. But 50-80 degrees in a day? I never trust the weatherman when that happens, and I end up spending the day either way overdressed, or freezing.

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The last time John was on days, I would get home from work and he would be at the kitchen table addressing envelopes to send to Victoria’s Secret. He found some deal where, if you send them a self-addressed envelope, they will send you back a gift card they usually hand out with a purchase, worth anywhere from $10-$500.

Yes, I agree, coming home to your husband addressing hundreds of enveloped to Victoria’s Secret is a little strange, but I’ve learned to just keep my real thoughts to myself. His hobby could be worse.

Then we won. Not just 10$, like everyone else. WE WON. $500. I’m not kidding.

We seriously won $500 to Victoria’s Secret. I’m honestly not even sure what to do with that information.

I found two new favorite foods this week. These sweet potato noodles–“poodles”–are honestly really good. I love pasta, I won’t ever stop eating real pasta, but it’s nice to have a lighter alternative, especially when it’s already summer and only getting hotter. Throw in some brussel sprouts and grilled chicken and you have a meal. That’s what happens when I’m tired, have no meal plan and ten minutes to shop at lunch.


I also picked up this new protein bar. It’s incredible. The protein comes from almonds and brown rice, so there’s no chalky after taste. The chocolate coating is real, pure, dark chocolate and together it tasted more like a treat than most candy bars. I also tried the almond spice. Christmas in a square.


I haven’t posted anything about running lately. I’m in a little bit of a natural lull. I had a great race (regardless of the time being my slowest half EVER), but I had to let myself heal from falling down a hill. My coworker and I ran two days this week at work, and, while I usually love running in warm weather, it was hot. Way too hot to even think about changing back into our work clothes. I think I convinced her to join the gym around the corner. I’m over trying to do every run in 100% humidity.

I forgot while I was typing, but the whole reason I brought up running was that I joined Oiselle Volee! It’s a running team for women of all shapes, sizes and speeds and a way to connect with women all across the country. A membership gets you a jersey, a spike bag and some pretty decent discounts, but it’s not just about swag. You also get the chance to meet, race and socialize with “teammates.” It’s been a long time since I was part of any sort of group, and I’m really looking forward to the motivation that comes with it. I might only do it for a year, or I might use it as a way to meet people if we end up moving around for the military. Even though I’m in my lull, I have some lofty goals coming up. Including a BQ that’s long overdue. I’ll tell the story of my 3:46 first, and only, marathon sometime. Where I was on my way to a BQ and then got a horrible calf cramp and got swarmed by the medics at the end because I was dragging my leg, then was re-named Peggy by my friends who thought my peg leg was hilarious. That was the whole story.

I almost didn’t join Oiselle Volee. Oiselle in French means “bird.” And, I am, no joke, terrified of birds. Enough that I actually thought twice about joining.

There were two pictures from our Miami trip I didn’t post. John captured the perfect moment, I’m trying to thoughtfully pose while the baby is getting blown away. And inside the Aquarium in Key Largo was a wall where kids could post what they would do if they could do one thing to save the planet. At what point do we go from hope and naivety to the pessimism of adulthood? I loved reading these innocent thoughts, if only more adults could dream like children.

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And, notice the Stussey in one of the lefthand comments? Is it 1994 in Key Largo? My second favorite is the note that says, “eat the fish.”


Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, it’s relaxing, cathartic, and sometimes even delicious. But, often, after a long work week, the most satisfying meal is the simplest. Tonight we had “build-your-own-panini-bar,” my favorite dinner we’ve had in a while. Not everything needs to be a huge, Instagram-worthy event.

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Have a wonderful weekend! And don’t forget to check out this random thinking out loud  linkup!



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