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We’re going to Miami this weekend! I keep forgetting it’s just a one night trip to check a baseball stadium off our list and not a week at the resort. The last time I was in Miami, my friend and I did a weekend at Canyon Ranch spa (now Carillon), aka workout paradise. That’s literally all we did. Kick boxing, yoga, juice boot camp, repeat. When we exhausted the workout classes, dinner and wine. I could use a weekend like that.

I’m sure we all could.

A different friend texted me the link to a dress she has just bought on Roolee. Of course, I had also been eyeing the same dress. This is the friend that, when we go shopping, we come out of the dressing room in the same outfit. Or show up for a run in the same running clothes. The best part is, I’m way taller. And we still have the exact same taste.


Of course, I bought the dress, and wore it to work today. I felt like a pioneer. But in all seriousness, Mormon companies make the BEST , most versatile, most comfortable, dresses. Especially for moms who need clothes that are all at once office appropriate and childproof.

I mentioned a couple posts ago how hungry I’ve been. Since a trip to Collective Coffee for an afternoon decaf almond latte and avocado toast, avocado toast has completely consumed every thought not occupied by the baby. I stopped by Blend yesterday morning and saw they now have avocado toast, so I splurged and got it, thrilled at how full I was about to be.

14$ later (juice included), they handed me this.




Delicious? Yes. Extra points for jalapenos? Definitely. Filling? One. Slice. Is that a joke? I could have eaten about $75 worth of this toast. There’s no possible way to justify how much this cost.

However, during the hour I was indulging in my original avocado toast and working on some secret things, the baby was getting her first pedicure from her favorite teacher/babysitter. I could not get a picture of this wriggling toddler’s feet, but it was pretty hilarious seeing this little lady running around with shiny pink toes.


Still on the topic of food, I wrote the first of my organic panic posts this week. Check it out if you are looking for less expensive ways to stock up on organic staples. Also, check out the new 2016 dirty dozen guide to organic produce (my step-mom sent this over today and it has a lot of valuable information). Luckily, avocados topped the clean list, but strawberries, apples and nectarines are leading the dirty 12.

Back to Miami. When John and I first started dating, I told him that, someday, I would like to visit every baseball stadium in the US. At that point, I had been to Fenway, Wrigley, Petco (and Jack Murphy stadium, for you old school San Diego people), Busch Stadium in St. Louis and the old Yankee stadium. Not a shabby list. John decided that we would not do this someday, we would do this now, and we’ve since seen games at Petco, Turner Field (Atlanta), Angel Stadium, US Cellular Field (White Sox, Chicago), Chase Stadium (Phoenix), Tropicana Field (Tampa), Nationals Park (DC), Dodgers Stadium, Life Park (Arlington, TX), Coors Field (Denver) and Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City). Marlins will make number 12 of 30, 40%. Some of my reviews are still here, on my old blog.

The strangest one was Tampa, it was well into the 90’s outside, but the stadium was covered, and inside it was freezing. It looked and smelled like a skating rink at the mall. The most impressive, besides my hometown stadium Petco, was Chase in Arizona. It seemed huge compared to the rest of them (who actually knows) and it had massive amount of food choices. The worst was the Nationals game, it was raining, my chili got soggy and they lost. Plus we had to walk about 3 miles down a circular ramp and it hurt my shins. I’m planning on making a cool map and guide to the stadiums, it’s on my blog dream list.

Our new favorite weekend activity is going to the park and rotating the baby’s assortment of bucket hats.


My shirt came! (See also, book on floor, empty glass, spray bottle–sorry about the picture.) Quality, well-made clothes really do feel different. I could wear this everyday. I wonder if my coworkers would notice…honest guess, they would consider it an improvement over my post-runch sweaty workout clothes.



I saw this stuck in traffic. My husband lives the “Sublife.” He was on a submarine most of 20’s. And might even go back to one. Because he’s crazy. Which should be obvious considering who he married. 🙂 The license plate is probably not submarine related. They probably like subwoofers. Or Subway sandwiches.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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