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I was completely exhausted last night. I fully intended on finishing up an organic deals blog post I’ve been working on (stay tuned!), and a box of food even arrived to inspire some good pictures, but I could not keep my eyes open. I put the baby to sleep at 8:45. I was asleep by 9:15. Nine. Fifteen.

And I didn’t stir once. Not even when John left for work at 10-something PM, or my usual 10 times to check on the baby. A huge clap of thunder and sudden pounding rain woke me up at 5:25 am. I felt totally refreshed. And I was up early enough to make coffee, pack lunches, get ready for work AND put on my favorite moisturizing mask. What??? But I’m definitely not trying to make a habit out of waking up at 5:25 am.

And I had time for a green sweetie juice from Blend!

And I had time for a Green Sweetie smoothie from Blend!

The baby and I have been going on evening animal patrols around the block. She brings a book in case she gets bored (or hungry, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take her books away because she tries to eat them) and a tambourine to scare away cats. So far we’ve only encountered one dog. Her reaction made it worth every trip.

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I also learned that I say ‘wagon’ wrong. I was trying to explain our wagon rides to my coworker and she was like huh? A what? What did you pull her in?

Is it wayygon? Weigh-gone? Weigh-gin? Now I second guess myself every time I say it. Waygone?

Pull cart.

John and I reinstated ‘confession Sunday’s’ a couple weeks ago. It’s when we confess all the ‘bad’ things we’ve secretly done during the week. Mine usually reads the same. Bought second lunch at Whole Foods. Bought juice before work (see above). Bought afternoon latte. But John won this week. The other day I asked him if he’d seen the block of cheese I bought for the baby, the cheese I swear she hadn’t eaten all of but I could NOT find, the cheese that was clearly for her and he swore he hadn’t seen. The truth? He had eaten most of it when he got home from work at midnight. And then fallen asleep on top of it on the couch and it melted.

I’m still laughing (I mean, furious…obviously) from his confession. He gave me permission to write this.

I’ve been obsessed with this Equipment ‘Starry Night’ button down on Shop Bop for a while. It’s $248. For a shirt. Totally unaffordable. But, I get very determined, so I asked John if he could find a better deal on it…$100 NWT on eBay! Plus he used eBay bucks so we didn’t actually have to pay for it, because $100 is still a lot for a shirt. Best husband ever. Totally redeemed  himself for the cheese. He also asked what else a shirt that expensive can do. The dishes? Cook dinner? Seriously though, $248 for a shirt? I could never, ever justify that.



Britney was on the radio during lunch today and it reminded me that we haven’t seen her Vegas show yet. The last time I was in Vegas I was about 8 weeks pregnant. Terrible planning. John did find us some cool things to do, Japanese Tea at the Mandarin Hotel, excavator lessons at Dig This and a cirque du solei show (which I fell asleep during), but I was sick the entire time and asleep by about 9 pm. Nights in Vegas don’t even start until about 1 am.

I finally found some new sunglasses at the NEX (Navy Exchange) on Sunday. If you missed it, I lost my old sunglasses during my fall at the New South Trail Half Marathon. I’ve been looking for something classic, and I ended up with my 3rd pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. The first I lost during the Army vs Navy game at Shore Club in 2011. The second pair were prescription, which was really stressful, and I tried extremely hard to keep scratch free. I lost those somewhere between San Diego and Charleston. My goal is to have these for a year. I will probably be in the sunglass market before Memorial day.

My blog has been a little sparse in the past month, but I’m hoping that’s about to change with a couple exciting trips coming up and a few posts I’ve been working on for a while. When I first started this blog, I wanted to write about 4 times a week, but it’s not my job, and that was incredibly unrealistic. Plus, I wasn’t happy with my content, it seemed rushed and sometimes even forced. I’ve scaled back to just write when I have something to say. Plus my brain dump Thursday Thoughts. It’s one of my favorite parts of my week. I hope you stick around for more!

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