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Ok, so April Fools, it’s actually Friday. But my week was all thrown off, so I didn’t get to my TT until today.

The baby’s school is closed for spring break and I was fortunate to get in on a nanny share with a sweet family who has a little boy in the class above her. And a dog. I wish I could express the baby’s excitement over this dog, that had roughly the energy of a bath mat.

The only problem was that my commute increased by about 20 minutes every day. I am so tired of driving. Ubercopter, are you listening?!

I woke up after the race Sunday with a swollen eye, extremely sore knees and a bruised wrist from my fall. Monday’s look wasn’t much better, and I got a lot of ‘OMG what happened to your face’ questions. On a serious note, I feel really bad for women in abusive relationships. Not only because of their struggles, but the embarrassment of going out. I got the nastiest looks from people who thought I had gotten punched. Even the nurse at the baby’s doctor appointment grilled me, with my husband in the room! Poor John was trying to show her pictures of the race to prove that I had fallen all on my own. I certainly appreciate the concern, but it was a very uncomfortable week.

Monday before work. I still put make-up on my good eye.

Monday before work. I still put make-up on my good eye.

John and I love the show Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives, so, on our way back from Charlotte we stopped at Pawley’s Front Porch. Definitely  a dive. I hadn’t eaten anything after the race and was starving, so I ordered a burger, fries and a side of coleslaw. See the picture below of how much I ate. It was that bad. I won’t bother with a review. Don’t eat there.

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I had an easy workout week in an attempt to heal my sore knees–a couple easy runs, at-home-barre workouts, yoga, and my plan was to spin Friday at lunch at a gym near work. I got there, paid for a day pass, dropped off my stuff in the locker room and went to find a bike. They had no spin bikes. The machines they had were archaic, so I ended up paying for my least favorite workout: running on the treadmill. A five mile run with 1 mile fast-ish warm up, .75 mile sprint, .5 mile sprint, 3x .25 mile sprint, with a quarter mile rest in between, mile cool down. I tried to take a picture of the treadmill.

I was trying to capture my workout to record later...

Wednesday night workout partner.

Wednesday night workout partner.

The 39th annual ‘famous’ Cooper River bridge run is this weekend. I’m not doing it. My first year in Charleston I bought a bib off a friend, but we were training for our ultra and I had awful plantar fasciitis, so I skipped it. The second year I had a week-ish old baby and wasn’t allowed to run (thank goodness for my spin bike). This year, I actually looked at the website to see if I wanted to do it, but didn’t have proof of a 10k time to get in a good wave. I can’t remember the last time I ran a 10k. I’ve heard the race is a nightmare unless you’re in the front, since almost everyone in the south runs or walks this thing. I’m not too torn up about it. I’ve never liked huge races and I think I’d rather sleep until the baby alarm clock.

This is our new after-work routine. I love having some daylight during non-working hours.

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John is working this weekend and we have zero plans. I really just want to relax, binge the Mindy Project on our one-month Hulu subscription, and try to come up with some new meal ideas for the week. That’s life in your 30s.



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