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I had no idea this was a short week until my coworker told me last Friday that we have Good Friday off. We never had it off on the West Coast, but we also don’t have Caesar Chavez day off in the South. Give and take.

John and I like to travel when we have a long weekend where we’re both off work, rather, when he’s off work, so we decided to drive up to Charlotte, North Carolina for a night. I love Charlotte. Mostly because they have a Nordstrom’s.

For no reason, a picture from my easy run on Monday.

For no reason, a picture from my easy run on Monday.

Even though my 5k didn’t go as hoped, or maybe because it didn’t go as hoped, I was inspired to find another race. But there’s nothing short going on in Charlotte on Saturday. Unless you count a brand new trail half marathon. Am I in half shape? Meh, yeah, no. It’s debatable. Definitely not in half PR shape, but who plans to PR on a hilly trail run anyway? I decided to test myself last Saturday before signing up, hired a babysitter because John was at a conference for points and deals (really) and ran ten miles. It went WAY better than expected. I averaged 7:40 pace and felt amazing until mile 9.5 when I hit the wall. Hard.

I'm really proud of this run.

I’m really proud of this run. And I was REALLY hungry afterwards.

I was expecting to feel worse and much earlier, so the fact that I can comfortably run 9.5 miles makes me think I can run this half. Think.

Sullivan's in the distance and perfect, cloudy running weather.

Sullivan’s in the distance and perfect, cloudy running weather.

The best part of my run was near one of my favorite places in Charleston, Sullivan’s Island, where I ran opposite the last couple legs of the Palmetto 200–a Ragnar style race from Columbia to Charleston. The runners were in the final stages of delirium and I had so much fun pumping them up, cheering and trying to understand their sleep deprived conversation. It made me nostalgic of my Ragnar days back in California. The first SoCal Ragnar I did in 2012 literally changed my life. Someday I’ll tell that story.

Because I’m a terrible planner, entirely too impulsive and now have a half in two days, I decided to do a few hill repeats on the bridge. Workout: 1 mile warm up (literally UP), quarter mile hill repeats with quarter mile jog x6, 1 mile cool down. My coworker ran the bridge, not the repeats, but we connected back up for a cool down and ended up on a pier I had no idea existed, even after running past it for two years. I love the adventure in running.


We also ran past a group of moms on a play date. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t work.

My coworker bought a whole bunch of these vanilla Orgain shakes after I told her hoe much I love the chocolate version. I stole one today right before a meeting scheduled around lunch time, and it was the only thing that got me through when the meeting went an HOUR over it’s scheduled time. The vanilla is delicious. Try it. (PS-My job has nothing to do with fitness or food, even though all my work stories are about fitness and food).

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The baby turned one this week. We celebrated with a dinner out at the Red Drum in Mount Pleasant. She wore her birthday dinosaur dress and got to smash a carrot cake. Except she hardly smashed it. She daintily scooped up the frosting and licked it off her fingers. This was unusual behavior for a girl whose favorite thing to do is throw toys in my face. I guess she’s growing up.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tomorrow we head to Charlotte, plan on stopping at a Diner, Drive-in’s and Dive’s restaurant in Columbia for lunch, checking the Columbia Whole Foods off our list (we’re on track to visit every baseball stadium and every Whole Foods in the US. #goals), head to the mall to pick up my race packet and probably swing by Lululemon, Athleta, Nordstrom’s, Janie and Jack, Lush…before going to a restaurant that we’ve been trying to eat at three separate times in Charlotte but is always closed. I’m afraid to even look at the hours online.

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Happy Easter weekend!



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