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I completely forgot today was St. Patrick’s day. My baby was the only one at day care not wearing green. And the #momfailing begins.

I also did not wear any green. Which is disappointing because I used to get really into the party holidays before I had to “adult” everyday. My favorite St. Patrick’s celebration was four years ago, when my friend and I squeezed into a sloshy upstairs beach bar in San Diego wearing giant green costume sunglasses. A drunk guy bumped into us and complimented them, naturally asking if he could try them on. Seeing an opportunity, I complimented his souvenir St. Patrick’s day bar glove and asked if I could try that on. I waited a minute while he took in the darkened view of the already dim bar, then complimented his giant green sunglasses and asked if I could try them on. And walked away with a free glove.
Thank you for capturing that moment, friend.

Thank you for capturing that moment, friend.

After working from home with the baby all day on Monday due to a case of highly contagious hand, foot and mouth, I needed a heavy detox and energy boost Tuesday morning at work. Blend Juice Bar provided the 10$ beet juice, an organic haul from the Commissary on base (that now carries an impressive amount of organic food) was responsible for the reasonably priced oatmeal and blueberries, and my sweet coworker thought her goji berries tasted like iron pills so she left them on my desk. So far, I’m hand, foot and mouth free.

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Despite the baby having a sick day Monday (shout out to my amazing friend and fellow momma who offered to watch her for a couple hours so I could join a work meeting from home), this week went by extremely fast. I’ve finally kicked the flu, am able to eat everything in sight again and have generally settled back into my routine. The real reason is because my husband is working days so I’m not alone and unable to get anything done at night.
Because I can work out after work when he's home, I got to go shopping at lunch. I love these Chinese Laundry flats I found at DSW.

Because I can work out after work when my husband is home, I get to go shopping at lunch. I love these Chinese Laundry flats I found at DSW on Wednesday.

I’m incredibly disappointed about my race last weekend and already looking for another one that fits into our schedule. I know I can run faster than my time on Saturday, and I think I just have to accept that I was still sick and probably shouldn’t have raced. I got to run after work tonight, initially planning on a slow day before some speed work on Saturday. Instead I ended up running near tempo pace (with the 5 miles including a mile warm up at 7:45). That was encouraging. We’ll see about Saturday.
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What’s not encouraging is the yellow haze that’s consumed the Low Country in the last week. With Spring in Charleston comes the pollen, a yellow dust that glazes the cars, accumulates in ditches and renders the air unbreathable. The first time I ever encountered the pollen was on a long run during our first spring in the South. I remember my lungs felt strangely heavy that day, and the black tank top I was wearing was starting to take on a yellow sheen. A native told me it’s as common as the floods. Why people settled here is beyond me.
Festive yellow pollen in time for Easter.

Festive yellow pollen in time for Easter.

We finally tried Park Circle Creamery over the weekend and it’s deserving of the 80+ Five Star reviews. The menu was incredibly diverse–lemon cookie, maple bacon, chocolate brownie and Guiness–to name about half, the ice cream was fresh and creamy, but not too sweet, and the service, for an ice cream shop, was great. But I have three major issues with PCC. With choices like lemon cookie and Guiness, flavors that could be huge misses, they don’t give samples. That’s potentially an 8$ mistake. They’re cash only, which meant an awkward trip to this thing called an “ATM.” And they could definitely be a mafia front. PCC says their ice cream is made in house, but the shop is incredibly, suspiciously bare. I pitched my conspiracy theory to my husband. He who didn’t buy it. We’re definitely going back.
My husband and I had a plank-off. I won. Actually we had to call a truce because we’re both so competitive that neither of us would give up even though we were both clenching our teeth and shaking. My stomach muscles are going to be angry tomorrow.
 Enjoy your weekend! For more randomness, check out Thinking Outloud Thursday. 

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  1. Chelsea @Chelsea Be Healthy March 19, 2016 at 9:52 am #

    Don’t worry, its the same way here in Arkansas! Our whole state turns a nice shade of yellow in the Spring (oh boy! Ha!)

    We have a new juice bar but I have yet to try it! But those goji berries look yum!

    Happy weekend!!

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