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Have you watched Fuller House yet? I can’t stop. But mostly for DJ Tanner’s incredible mom wardrobe. Whoever her stylist is needs to come also be my stylist. I hope you’re reading this. I need your help.

But seriously, the intro to FH gives me chills. It’s hard to believe it was so long ago. I’m about the same age as Michelle, so the Full House I remember watching must have been reruns, which means it’s even older than I remember. And however many decades later, they all look exactly the same. And they all look incredible. The story lines are still totally cheesy and exactly what you want from a family show. I’m hooked.

My incredibly stylish coworker came to work a few weeks ago and announced that she cleaned out her closet. Another coworker and I immediately laid claim to all her clothes and went shopping in her car during lunch. Among my new favorite things: these Rich and Skinny jeans that fit suspiciously well. I might just ask her to pick out the rest of my jeans going forward.

They're even long enough...

They’re even long enough…

Although this week hasn’t been nearly as crazy as last week, I still feel like I have a life hangover from going non-stop and getting basically no sleep. I’m hoping I can catch up on a few hours this weekend, not work and binge watch Netflix when the baby goes to sleep. Big goals.

Last weekend I took the baby on a little trip to an animal shelter about 30 minutes away. I needed to get out of the house, John was working and she loves anything that I call a puppy. The shelter was mostly cats, which I’m not a huge fan of, but the baby almost lost her mind in the open play room where the cats wander around their massive cat trees and couches. So many cats. There were two women there that knew the cats by name. They didn’t work there.

Isn't that dog scary?

Isn’t that dog scary?

John ordered this book and I’m going to steal it and read it when I finish Killing Reagan. See you in 2017, Living with a Seal.

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The book chronicles Jesse Itzler’s relationship with David Goggins, a Navy Seal and motivational speaker who’s story inspired Itzler enough that he hired Goggins to move in with him for a month. Goggins went from being overweight to a Navy Seal ultra marathon runner who raises money for the Special Operations Warrior Fund. We saw him speak in Charleston a couple years ago, so when I heard about this book on the Bert Show, I filed it away in my head to buy when it came out. Sometimes I’m glad John and I are on the same page, because who knows where those files ended up.

I’ve entered a LOT of giveaways this week. Someday I want to win a giveaway. Just one. Particularly this one.

Hope you have a super relaxing weekend, you don’t have to work and you can just be lazy and binge watch Fuller House.

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