Thursday Thoughts

My week started out with a terrible lunchtime workout on Monday. In the middle of a short, two mile tempo run, my Garmin stopped tracking and my shoelace came untied. And I felt awful. Two miles at a frighteningly difficult 7-something pace was not where I wanted to be a week into training.

All day Tuesday I couldn’t get that stupid workout out of my head, so on rainy, windy (and in some places, tornado-y) Wednesday, I bought a day pass for Eco Fitness with the sole purpose of doing a 5k treadmill tempo to prove that my baseline is faster than my meager attempt on Monday. My goal was no stopping and negative splits, so I started out with a quick warm up, then jumped into the 5k with an easy 7:18 (treadmill does not appreciate my OCD about numbers, I was really going for 7:15), a 6:58 and 6:31 with a 6:15 kick for the last .2 miles. And I definitely felt like I could have run faster. Take that, Monday.

Fast is all relative. A year ago, 9 months pregnant, fast was about 11 minute pace and a lot of walking so I didn’t tip over. Two years before that, my speed work was well into the 6’s and I ran a half marathon PR on what I’m going to deem Southern California’s hilliest course (that I was completely unprepared for, but ended up with a PR, probably because I basically rolled down the other side of the hills). Last month, fast was about 8 minute pace, which felt more like running in the 6’s. The month before that I was a solid 8:45-er. What I’ve learned after 15 years of running is running can fit into every season of life, but not if you expect it to never change with you.

Pumped from my workout, I decided to treat myself to a smoothie at Sprouts, a little café attached to the gym. Fifteen minutes and three customers later, I was still waiting patiently for my drink, until the person working there realized she had forgotten my order. So they gave me these kale chips to add insult to injury.

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All my thoughts this week are about running, probably because my new shoes came! These are my second pair of On’s, a lesser known Swiss brand that I discovered at this grungy little running store in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I switched from the On Cloudsters (a heavier, distance shoe) to the On Cloud’s, a lighter, speedier, version that will hopefully propel me to an under 20 minute 5k.


I’ll be here until then.

The freeway was bumper to bumper-again-on my commute home, so I thought I would be clever and take a detour through Park Circle, a hipster community in North Charleston. I was lost in a daydream about dinner and accidently got directed into a church parking lot where Hillary Clinton was giving a town hall meeting. I had to do the drive of shame through Hillz fans and a suspiciously large amount of traffic directors to get out the other side. Then the baby screamed all the way home. Maybe she’s a Hillz fan and wanted to stay?

The best part was the guy circling the block in his beat up truck with a handmade ‘Feel the Bern’ poster board taped to his tailgate.

John’s night shift always coincides with an overwhelming work week, and, honestly, this time I’m struggling to keep up. We still have leftovers from our Sunday meal prep, but, by Thursday, I just couldn’t eat them anymore. The baby won’t let me out of her sight long enough to cook anything, so I made a plain-old-comfort-food-no-veggie-heavy on the cheese-grilled cheese. Sometimes you just need a grilled cheese.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hollie February 29, 2016 at 4:17 pm #

    I hope you had a better weekend. My week last week was all over the place as well. From bad workouts to no workouts to the best workouts…hopefully this week will be more consistent.

    • Mollie February 29, 2016 at 7:32 pm #

      I think life would get too routine if every week was a great workout week. 🙂 After working all weekend, I’m still trying to get my head on straight. And I had to work through my lunch so no lunchtime run! Lame. Hope you have a great week!

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