Sweet February

We knew from the beginning of the year that February was going to be our biggest, most expensive, hardest to beat month in 2016.

We went to the Super Bowl. Then threw in Napa, Monterey and Oregon.

The only comparable trip last year was across the pond to my childhood best friend’s wedding in Cambridge, England. We took a red eye to London. With a four month old. It was an incredible experience, and an incredibly ambitious trip with a newborn.

One thing I love about my husband is ‘out of the question’ isn’t in his vocabulary. When I said we should really think about going to London for the wedding, then we immediately found out I was pregnant, he planned the trip anyway. When I said I’m doing an ultra marathon, I’ll be gone be next 10 Saturday’s running, he said, where do I sign up? Most of our travel and all of the planning is thought up on his watch. He likes adventure and the challenge of pushing limits as much as I do. (Although, sometimes he adds to the challenge with 3 different hotels in in three days to save money. Convenience has no part in a challenging adventure).

Now that our big trip is over, we’re getting back into a normal routine, planning some small trips and focusing on some shorter races. We’re also focusing on some big picture things, like thinking about baby number two and where we could end up if he stays in the military.

Monthly time capsule posts are my favorite to read, and a lot of the bloggers I follow post about 12 a year. I thought I would join the fun by capturing where we are and what we’ve been doing this year. If nothing else, to look back in the fall and realize I’ve been reading the same book for 6 months.

Mom life.

Sweet: Februrary 2016

What We’re Planning

A trip to DC in May for a baby shower, which happens to be on the wrong coast like us (even though my friend lives in San Diego)! I can’t wait to celebrate more babies! I’m also planning a trip with my mom to Asheville sometime this spring to show her my favorite east coast mountain town and the incredible Vanderbilt estate. When we were in Oregon, John brought up my dad’s birthday to my aunt and grandma, planting the seed for a vacation to Seattle–now a direct flight from Charleston, Bend and San Diego–to celebrate my Dad’s 60th in the fall. AND I’ve been trying to convince my two best friends that we need to plan 30th birthday parties for them in August and October. Sorry guys, you can’t avoid 30 forever!!!!

What We’re Eating

I can’t stop making  darn lasagna soup, that I’ve somehow convinced John isn’t lasagna, which I’m not allowed to make anymore. It’s ridiculously easy, it tastes just like lasagna, and I can fill it up with veggies, vegan sausage and chicken sausage. Or all of the above.  John accidently bought Banilla yogurt instead of vanilla, and then requested I return to Whole Foods this week to buy more. Of course the baby takes after her dad and bananas are the breakfast, lunch and dinner of choice. If I’m fast, I can sneak in other foods in-between banana. Sometimes.

What We’re Watching

Gold Rush has always been our show, but much to John’s disappointment, I can’t get into it anymore. We tried Making a Murderer and Master of None, neither stuck. The only show we agree on is Modern Family, which isn’t really that unique since everyone else in the world also agrees on Modern Family. When John’s working I compulsively watch Married at First Sight and then Google everything I can about the show When I’m working, he watches First Take ESPN.

What We’re Reading

If you haven’t reading any of the Killing Series, and you’re a nonfiction nerd, order them all now. I’m reading Killing Reagan, and not only is it a well written, fascinating account of his rise into politics and out of movie stardom, but it’s incredibly relevant to our political climate today. The former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, also went to Smith College, and the book strongly captures her attitude and influence in the president. If Reagan doesn’t interest you, read Killing Kennedy then Killing Lincoln. Then Killing Reagan. There is so much detail in these books it almost feels made up. John is reading Strong Fathers Strong Daughters. I bought it for him Christmas 2014 and he immediately forgot about it. A couple months ago, he said he was going to order some book about being a dad. I ran upstairs and found the one I bought for him. Same book. The baby’s favorite book is That’s Not My Dinosaur. Which we had to throw away because she ripped it into 3 pieces. Now we read, That’s Not My Airplane and That’s Not My Panda, with the words to That’s Not My Dinosaur.

Products, Buys, Splurges and Saves

Every morning we start our day with a glass of lemon (alkaline) water before having coffee, and this lemon juicer has become my favorite new kitchen tool. It’s no effort beyond cutting the lemon, and no mess or sticky seeds. I use it for anything that needs to be juiced.

Right before vacation John installed a new home heating system from Nest that allows you to control temperature through your phone. Despite a few early glitches, and a 42 degree house, it’s sophisticated and looks very space-age. I love how it turns on when I walk by so I can see the temperature, which I’m in charge of monitoring. (But I don’t like how large the numbers look when I sneak it up to 74).

When I had the baby, I swore up and down there would be no plastic toys in the Sweet House. Her new favorite toy is this plastic wagon (and worse, it’s from Wal Mart). It does, however, pick up it’s own toys when you roll over them backwards.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset I’ve been saving up for a Sonnet James dress ever since my friend told me about this mom-friendly (wallet-unfriendly) clothing brand. I feel better in more conservative clothing, and I wanted to find something I can wear to work and on the weekends. I got this one on pre-order, and I’m really excited for it to come. But I have NO idea when it’s coming.

The baby also got a little spring splurge at Baby Gap, which we saved huge on with a gift card and some Gap Cash.

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Favorite Picture of the Month

The air smells different in California. The warmth of the sun is light, not overwhelming. The heat is kept at bay by the salty ocean breeze and the lingering, crisp, pine.

John took this picture on the patio of our AirBnB in San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday. I had just come back from a run up Lombard Street, and the baby was angry I hadn’t included her. I took her out on the narrow landing to calm her down and sang a garbled version of ‘I left my heart in San Francisco.’

I miss the California feeling.

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