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I’m really excited about the second ever Sweet Deals post! We’re finally getting into one of the major reasons I started a blog (besides documenting everything I love from running to beauty products to macaroni and cheese…who knows what this blog is actually about). As I wrote last time, John and I love to travel, we love to have nice, quality gear for our home, kitchen, and closets. We also try to eat organic. Assigning a monetary value to that lifestyle puts us way out of our combined annual salary, so, to compensate, we’re learning how to be better consumers. Enter something like CamelCamelCamel, a site that tracks the things you want to buy on Amazon and their fluctuation in price. Sometimes it’s a few bucks, sometimes it’s a hundred. And with a baby and our expensive taste, we can’t afford to waste that extra hundo. I asked John to explain:

It is a love hate relationship. Love it because its so convenient, Hate it because its too convenient.

You log in to pick up your favorite vegan cookbook…..35 minutes later you’ve managed to purchase a small kitchen appliance, flashlight, a Hydroflask water bottle and a new onsie for the baby!

Yep, you guessed it. Amazon.

For those of you that manage to not have Amazon Prime, do yourself a favor and keep living under a rock. It’s too convenient. No sales tax, two day shipping and the most liberal return policy this side of Walmart.

Of course, if you pay close attention, there’s that little note that keeps gnawing at you…the price has dropped 10% since you added it to your cart. It just happens….but why? Are they really lowering the price JUST for me? Or maybe if I add that pair of flats to the cart and come back in a couple of days , I can justify buying it?

I have been a member of Amazon Prime since 2007, and for the longest time, I asked myself these same questions. What I didn’t know is that approx 60% of the things sold on Amazon aren’t owned by Amazon. So how is it Prime?

Take for example this iPad Air 2.

If you look a couple of lines under the price it will say:

Ships and sold by: *Insert company name* and Fulfilled by Amazon.

These are third party sellers. They are sending items to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon is fulfilling the orders. The average consumer wouldn’t even notice, and neither did I. I always thought: It’s Prime, it comes in two days. Done.

Why does it matter? This plays into why a large majority of the prices are moving so much, if an item is being sold by multiple people, they undercut each other, so they will be on the front page.

Which leads you to the next question…Well how do I know if I am getting a good price?!?

There’s a site for that. CamelCamelCamel.

Just copy and paste whatever you are looking at into CCC and it will show you the past three years of prices changes. It also allows you to auto link with your Amazon wish list send you an email or text every time the price changes!

When #babysweet2015 was on the way, and with Mollie’s love of running, we knew we were going to get the expensive, top of the line, BOB stroller–but we also had time. So with the help of CCC, I just added it to the wish list and waited and waited and waited.


You can see that about once a year the price just plummets about 100 bucks, so instead of going to a store and paying retail of $450, we picked it up on amazon for $270!

She loves her stroller!

She loves her stroller!


Obviously, this doesn’t work for everything. Sometimes you need that lemon zester by Friday. But if you have some time and patience you too can catch that “sale” on Amazon!

Go Broncos!

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