Sub-box Review: May Fun Run Box

At some point in the last few months I became Instagram friends with Fun Run Box. I can’t remember if it was a giveaway, contest, they added me or I added them, but in the midst of my Subscription Box craze, I mentioned to John that I wanted to try it–and it showed up on my doorstep.

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There are a few reviews floating around the blogosphere, but I wasn’t sure exactly what their niche is. Honestly, I was more curious about how a Running Box could mix up their monthly theme enough to keep people interested.

But then, runners are crazy. Send us a pair of socks each month and it’s like we won the lottery.

Post-receiving the box, I took a little time to learn more about it. The goal of FRB is to complete a series of monthly challenges–with the help of a box of running goodies. Finishers receive a medal, a long sleeve shirt and a certificate to celebrate.

The whole thing is a little corny, but I can appreciate anything that will get people motivated to get fit. Although I usually like to earn my medals the old fashioned way–winning (rather, placing second in my age group, which seems to be my M.O. lately), FRB seems like a great way to have a training plan, a goal and a “group” mentality to keep people on track.

When you sign up, you choose your gender, t-shirt size and your level. John chose Advanced for my box, and I’m assuming my training plan reflected that. What surpised me the most about FRB was the price. This is by far the most expensive box we’ve subscribed to. $35 month to month, 3 month pre-pay for $34, 6 months for $33 and a year for $32 a month. (One dollar difference per subscription, that made me laugh).

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Back to the actual box.

The first thing was a 28 day training plan (don’t worry, they included a pen). The goal of the first month is to create a base. Honestly, I’m way beyond base, I’ve been running since I was a gawky teenager, but, even seasoned runners can use a little guidance. Since I’m not training for anything right now, I was actually kind of excited to see a “plan.” Maybe this will motivate me to find another half to do in the fall, once the weather cools down a little, and keep up my fitness until my BQ training starts January 1st. (More on that, and that specific timeline, coming soon!).

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I was a little excited to check off my first run–which was exactly the run my coworker and I did today at lunch–even though the OCD in me wanted to wait until Monday to start.

The next layer of Fun was an assortment of running fuel and things you might need during a sweaty, windy, outdoor run. I was instantly drawn to the Ursa Major face balm. I bought John Ursa Major face lotion for Christmas last year. This brand isn’t cheap, it’s very highly rated and mostly organic. I’m looking forward to trying it for myself, and then maybe stealing back the one I bought John if I think it’s working. The On-The-Go towels will be used on days my coworker convinces me to run from the office and not waste any time in the showers. The Chapstick will be a good back-up to keep in my gym bag.

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So, the food. I like the idea of the Sport Beans, Gatorade and almonds (mostly the almonds), but, for someone who values healthy eating as much as exercise, I can’t personally back these products. It’s taken a long time to make this change, but I’ve found that my overall health and running performance thrives when I fuel by body with natural, organic and simple foods. Again, that’s a personal choice.

The last thing in the box was a tech t-shirt for training. I actually thought the shirt was pretty cute. I love tech-t’s, and I’ll definitely add this to my rotation. (Plus, I see what they did here, free advertising….). 🙂

imageMy overall feelings are a little mixed. I liked the FRB, but I’m not sure if it’s something I would really use month-to-month. It reminded me a little of the virtual races I’ve heard about, where you pay to run a race on your own (treadmill, outside, however you see fit) and the “race” sends you a medal. I think I would rather save my money towards my BQ coaching fund, but I can see myself getting addicted to the challenges and training plan, I eat up anything with a checklist.

For more information on FRB and to receive a $5 off coupon, check out their website.

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