Sub Box Review: January Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

For most of 2015 I was very anti-subscription box. I thought they were a huge waste of money. Why pay for mystery products when you can save and buy things you know you’ll actually use? Now it’s 2016 and I have two.

To be fair, my first one was a gift from John. He surprised me with GlossyBox as part of my 30th birthday present (see December and January reviews here), likely in an effort to get me to be more glamorous. And although I don’t always have a use for the products, and my make-up drawer has become makeup drawers, I’ve been looking forward to the middle of the month when my box arrives. It gets me out of my go-to makeup routine that has barely changed since I used Wet ‘n Wild dollar makeup in middle school.

When I reviewed January’s box, I made a list of boxes I would love to try now that I’m officially a sub-boxer. And my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box arrived two weeks later. Either my husband really likes to spoil me or the GlossyBox didn’t produce good enough results so he’s on to plan B. (I’m just kidding, he knew how unglamorous I was when he married me).

Vegan Cuts is, as advertised, vegan, natural and mostly organic, *sample size* beauty products. Since having a baby and wanting another, I’ve made an effort to use as many natural products as possible. My skin, which has always been problematic, has definitely benefitted from the change. This box aligns more with our current lifestyle and consumer choices, so I was excited to see what products they could convince me to add to my routine.

The box arrived on Friday in a small brown package addresses to my husband. I didn’t think it was for me until I saw the makeup cartoons on the bottom. Compared to my flashy GlossyBox, the presentation was very underwhelming. But, this is an eco-friendly company. So you have to give them credit for being understated. The planet, you guys.

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Each box comes with about five samples, a description and coupons for the full sizes. Here are the products in order of my excitement to receive them:

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  1. Earthlab Cosmetics Mascara: Mascara is my favorite beauty product, so I’m always excited to try different brands. Earthlab is aloe based and organic, it has basically no smell, and no goop. The brush is lot shorter than I’m used to, and it took about 250 coats to get a good result. BUT, I like how it makes my lashes look full, but not dramatic like my usual mascara.

    Trying to take a picture of the mascara, at 6 am, after 3 hours of sleep. I need all the beauty products I can get.

    Trying to take a picture of the mascara, at 6 am, after 3 hours of sleep. I clearly need all the beauty products I can get. And some selfie help.

  2. Aubrey Organics Facial Moisturizer: My skin is super sensitive, so I have to be careful my moisturizer isn’t too heavy. This moisturizer has a very strong fruity smell, but it went on lightly and made my skin feel really soft without being too oily. I’ll stick to my Argan oil routine, but I’m definitely adding this to my gym bag.
  3. Wabi-Sabi Botanicals 3-in-1 mask, cleanser and scrub: I thought this was eye shadow at first and I got really excited, but instead it was a powder mask that you add water to. The powder is organic charcoal and rose which are both supposed to be detoxifying and anti-aging. I’m planning on trying it next time I have an in home spa day. So, 2030.
  4. Lashea Butter Whips Body Scrub: I was the least impressed with this packaging. It looked kind of cheap and the portion is incredibly small (valued at $1.50). I tried it in the shower on my elbows and arms and didn’t really like the smell, which was almost like nutmeg (I can’t figure out which ingredient that would be) or the residue, which felt like thick lotion. It was too earthy for me. I would prefer an oily scrub that washes off. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  5. Jojoba Company Cleansing Balm: I’m always looking for new cleansers, but it’s hard to get super excited about them–it’s face wash. This one looks and smells nice, but the instructions on the back say to follow with their antioxidant hydrating mist, which I wish we had gotten instead.
  6. Jojoba Company youth potion: The reason this is last is that I actually missed it. But the more I read about it the more excited I am to try it. It’s a face serum high is coQ10, antioxidants and vitamins. I am very loyal to my Argan oil, but only because I haven’t found something better. I’ll report back if I make the switch.

Even with some of the products getting so-so reviews, I definitely want to try this one again. I spend a lot of time at Whole Foods in the beauty section, but I’m always hesitant to try expensive products. This is a good way to test new, mysterious, natural brands without investing too much money (or time into researching them). I do wish Vegan Cuts included more make-up products, like eye shadow or lip gloss–those are the things I usually gravitate to at the store, they’re more fun to try and usually something I don’t tend to splurge on. Especially now that we’re spending so much money on these boxes.

Do you have any subscription boxes? What do you recommend? Actually don’t tell me. I don’t need anymore.

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    Great review! Sounds like great products!
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