Sub-box Review: Flicker Box

John texted me from the airport a few weeks ago, where he was waiting for a flight to his conference, to say he had ordered a new subscription box and I would never guess what it was.

“Chocolate?” I responded, hopeful.

“No, more along the household supplies category.”

Household supplies…

“Candles!” I guessed.

“Wait, how did you get that so fast?”

Honestly, when he said ‘household supplies’ it had to be candles. I’m not the best housekeeper, so, unless he was being passive aggressive, it wasn’t for cleaning. But, even if I haven’t swept the floor in a couple days or left a load of laundry in the dryer for 5, I do like the house to smell nice. Since living within an hour or so of the Yankee Candle factory in Massachusetts during college (where somehow, even in the midst of a 90 degree, 100% humidity summer, it always feels like Christmas), candles have been a staple in my dorm rooms, apartments and now, home.

My love for candles has never waned (or waxed?), but my taste in them has evolved. I love lighter, more natural, less headache-inducing fragrances from smaller companies.  Flicker Box is exactly that, hand poured, non-toxic, artisanal candles–all made in America. The first box is just $25, while bi-monthly plans are $34, and subscriptions are 3 months at $102, 6 at $175 and 12 at $320 (that’s a serious candle enthusiast right there!). Shipping not included.

A long term subscription might work for some candle budgets, but it seemed a little pricey for us, especially considering the amount of candles I’ve already collected. John ordered one box to try.

The box arrived a couple weeks later in a simple package. I immediately loved the East Coast Love theme, there’s nothing more New England than a house filled with fragrant candles. The box came with three scents from three different companies.

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Karmalit :Road Island Greening Apple
This decadent candle is perfect for the kitchen, it’s light, refreshing and realistic, and my mouth watered for a sour green apple when I opened it. I loved it so much I checked out their website and they have a ‘Golden State’ candle, which I can only imagine captures California is a jar.

East Coast Candle Company: Sweet Grapefruit
There was definitely a spring in the east theme, and I love this fruity candle for pretty much anywhere in the house–kitchen, guest bath, and especially our indoor patio. It’s not air conditioned or heated, so there’s a very short period of time we can use it. This candle is crisp and tangy and would compliment a night grilling on the patio, balancing the smoky smell of summer and ripe fruit.

Cape Cod Soy: Cranberry
I was a little surprised this one came at this time of year, cranberry is such a late fall/winter smell, it’s not something I would use during the spring. The orange peel and cardamom infusion solidified those feelings, it’s true home is in the fall, but there was a juiciness that made it slightly brighter than the dense, spicy candles I usually start burning in September. Still, I’ll be saving, and looking forward to, this one when the weather cools.

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Flicker Box is certainly not something I could justify spending more than $25 on a couple times a year. But it’s fun having someone else pick out candles for your home, and I absolutely loved all three of the scents and learning more about the local businesses that make them. If I had a bigger budget, I would probably sign up for a delivery every couple months, candles never go bad and you really can never have enough. Especially with a sweaty runner, a baby and a submariner in the house.

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