Pregnancy Workouts and Miles – Week 37

Ten pounds later, Thanksgiving is thankfully OVER. I’m pretty sure I ate most of an apple pie myself. With more whip than pie.

I used to hate pie. If it was between no dessert or pie, I would choose no dessert. Since getting pregnant with Baby Sweet 2015, pie, fruit pie specifically, apple pie especially, has become a secret obsession.

None of this has to do with running (except that I need to run more to work off all that pie). But there’s a tiny piece left in the fridge. And now that’s all I can think about.

So, the workouts. This week was a solid week 37 of pregnancy. I had a great trail run, a great evening run and I felt fantastic for the Charleston Turkey Day Gobble Wobble 5k on Thursday.

I had no intention of running a turkey trot until Wednesday, when I found that there were still spots available. I barely made it on time, ran to the insane registration line from the parking garage (well over half a mile), paid $45 for an oversized, long sleeve, poorly printed, powder blue race shirt, a tootsie roll and a calendar with pictures from LAST years turkey trot, ran back to the car to drop off the sad swag bag, then ran to the start line. I put myself in the second corral (24-31 minutes) thinking I’d probably run about a 31, since I’m so pregnant. The gun went off and I was caught in a two minute walk to the start line as people funneled through. They stopped us and we waited for a second gun to go off. I can’t remember the last time I was in such a crowded race, and I kept wondering if it was a good idea with all the people stepping on my feet and running into me. I took off at around a 9:40 pace just trying not to get knocked over as the course wove through the closed streets downtown. By mile 1, I was feeling really strong and, caught up in the pace of the crowd, looked down to see I’d run a 9:09, my fastest mile in a long time. At mile 1.5 we hit the battery, and I heard a guy say “Come on man, that girl’s super pregnant and she’s killing us.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I stretched out my legs, picked it up and ran a great last half of the race (not saying much when it’s only 3.1 miles). Although, I will say, you could see the finish line from about mile 2.25 and I’m pretty sure it kept getting farther away.

I finished, took a picture with this turkey, and went to go pick up our Thanksgiving dinner. Pregnant turkey trot, check.


(By the way, I’m super proud of this but no one else is at all impressed: I got 1,336th out of 7,554 people, 423rd female out of 4,122, 63rd out of 440 in my age group and ran a 27:39. Since I am technically two people, I’ll take it.)

Workout: 3 treadmill miles, 1 elliptical mile, Westin Gym, Virginia Beach
Pace: 10 min running, like 14 minute elliptical
Duration: 30 min and Elliptical
Notes: I hate the elliptical.

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: We had a LONG drive Sunday coming back from Virginia Beach. I needed to stretch out my legs on the bike for a bit. And I watched half of episode one of This is Us. Mixed feelings.


Workout: 4 mile trail run
Pace: 10 min
Duration: 40 min
Notes: It was perfect running weather. Sunny and cool. I wanted to keep running and just skip going back to work.

Workout: Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: This is so awkward with my bump.

Workout: 4 miles
Pace: 9:52
Duration: 39:30
Notes: My first two miles were actually pretty fast (9:20), then I remembered I’m pregnant and tired and slowed down.

Thank goodness for pregnancy running pants or I'd be wearing a crop top.

Thank goodness for pregnancy running pants or I’d be wearing a crop top.

Workout: 39th Annual Charleston Turkey Day Gobble Wobble 5k
Pace: 8:53
Duration: 27:39
Notes: My fastest miles in a LONG time!

Workout: Rest Day
Notes: I literally could barely get off the couch. Plus we walked to the park and the walk nearly destroyed me. All the pregnancy exhaustion came on at once.

Total Miles: 14.1

Total Workouts: 4 runs, 1 elliptical mile, 1 yoga session, 1 spin, 1 rest day

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