Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 34

Just for fun, I calculated the miles I’ve logged from week 20-34: 239.19.

I know that’s not a ton over the course of 14 weeks, but I’m super proud of each one of those slow, sometimes painful, mostly waddling miles. Especially the more recent ones, since my belly has taken over Charleston and my feet are almost too big for my running shoes.

I am bummed though that I don’t know how many total miles I’ve run this pregnancy. I’m not sure why I didn’t log the first 20 weeks, especially because they were so important for my sanity as I struggled with morning sickness and John’s crazy schedule. I remember one, an early morning 6 miler across the Sullivan’s Island connector, pushing the baby in the stroller and feeling pretty rough, wondering if I’d be able to stay as active as I was while pregnant with her.

And here I am, officially 35 weeks, and still going.

There’s not a lot to say this week other than I’m now actually in the homestretch and really trying to soak up these last days and miles. It’s hard for anyone to slow down this time of year, and trying to plan holiday’s and family visits and our move and my maternity leave…oh, and this baby, is all-consuming. Running is always my escape. I can think about all those things, and I do, but a lot of the time I find myself thinking about nothing. And when I return to all of those thoughts, it’s with a fresh perspective, excitement and, sometimes, even some clarity. For about ten minutes. Then we’re back to we’re having a baby in four weeks, we have no military orders, we’re going to have all of our family trying to schedule trips out here, our first baby is going to hate our second baby, I’m three days behind on the laundry, we have nowhere for the new baby to sleep, I haven’t started Christmas shopping, I have no idea what to get John (seriously, the biggest stressor), am I going to be able to take time off to move, will we end up in Guam, how am I possibly going to stay awake the rest of the day??


Workout: 6 Miles
Pace: 9:57
Duration: 59:42
Notes: I couldn’t have asked for a better Halloween weekend run through the unusually foggy, cool morning. Followed by donuts.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Arms and legs. Still getting harder.

Workout: Trick or treating!
Notes: That counts right? Or is it canceled out by the candy?

Workout: 4.55 miles
Pace: 10:09
Duration: 46:14
Notes: The sidewalks of I’on were littered with discarded Halloween candy, much of it still unopened. The temptation was almost unbearable.

And then there was this. That's how my feet feel.

And then there was this. That’s how my feet feel.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Barre Streaming
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I grabbed the wrong set of weights and then I was too embarrassed to switch them out, so the arm section was HARD. I’m still sore. It’s Monday.

Workout: 3.55 miles
Pace: 9:49
Duration: 34:54
Notes: The shape of this run was symmetrical. That’s weird, right?


Workout: 3.1 treadmill miles and stretching
Pace: 10:00 (I kept it on level 6)
Duration: 31:07
Notes: 10 minute pace felt super easy (it hasn’t been feeling easy at all), so I just enjoyed a few relaxing miles and some post-run stretching.

Total Miles: 17.2

Workouts: 4 runs, 2 barre, 1 rest day


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