Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 33

I seemed to hit the peak of pregnancy this month, where all the symptoms come together to try to destroy you. Exhaustion, achy, swollen feet and ankles, a sore back, sore joints, lack of motivation, intense sugar cravings, insomnia, heartburn…not exactly the recipe for feeling strong, fast and fit.

Why I would feel strong, fast or fit during the last few weeks of pregnancy, I’m not sure. I guess I had big goals, or was just on a high from feeling so good. Now I’m cranky, waddling, about to break the treadmill and all of my running shirts have turned into crop tops. And I’ve learned that running actually causes heartburn.

There were a few good runs and workouts scattered around the weeks–Saturday’s run was one of them. The morning was crisp, not humid, Halloween decorations were out, and I ran through my favorite neighborhood on Daniel Island, down streets lined with southern mansions and trees tall enough to isolate the community from the stench of the paper mill and the roar of the freeway.

I’m hopeful November workouts are going to be better. It’s my last full month of pregnancy before the baby comes, and I really want to enjoy this experience before the chaos of two children, family visiting, the Navy move and the forced break from running to heal and get ready for marathon training (which I’m not complaining about, having a baby is the best reason to not be able to run). Plus I have the holiday’s on my side–pie, leftover Halloween candy and stuffing make you run faster, right?

Workout: 6 Miles
Pace: 9:37
Duration: 40 min
Notes: There were bagels waiting for me at the end. #motivation

The most aggressive water fountain I've ever seen.

An incredibly aggressive water fountain.


Notes: I felt horrible and actually spent most of the day on the couch (this is not like me at all). John even took the baby to park solo because I couldn’t eat, drink or get myself to move.

Notes: This was the first sick day I’ve taken in a while, and, even though I started feeling a little better by the afternoon, I really needed the break from work. Plus I was incredibly dehydrated and lethargic from not being able to eat or drink anything but an organic Gatorade, chicken soup and crackers. #powerfood

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I felt much better Tuesday, so I decided to give a workout a try. I took it easy and just did the spin bike for 40 minutes to get my muscles moving and rehydrate (spinning always gets me to hydrate more because I work up a sweat). I felt completely fine, not great, but no stomach pains. Until I woke up at 1am with heartburn so bad I actually threw up.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Fitness Prenatal Barre (streaming)
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Full body workout. I was debating even going to the gym, but I really needed to move (and didn’t want to risk yoga making me nauseous). I felt a little weak, but fine.


Workout: 4 Miles
Pace: 9:13
Duration: 36:53
Notes: This run came out of nowhere. I was going to just go 3, but I felt amazing, and it showed in my pace. It was probably from all those couch miles I put in at the beginning of the week.

Workout: 3 Miles
Pace: 10:00
Duration: 30 min
Notes: And….three treadmill miles to Arrested Development to round out my Friday. Treadmill miles are definitely getting harder. Probably because they’re so boring.

Total Miles: 13

Workouts: 3 runs, 1 spin, 1 barre, 2 rest days

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