Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 29

Women's Running Community reposted one of my Instagram pictures! Thank you WRC--you made my day!

Women’s Running Community reposted one of my Instagram pictures! Thank you WRC–you made my day!

The good news is I’m truly in the last leg of this pregnancy, officially less than 10 weeks according to my doctor’s schedule. At this point with Baby Sweet 2015, I was still running (all the way until the day my water broke!), but every short, slow run was a struggle. I remember one in particular, an after-work neighborhood run with my friend Nancy on a crisp, early spring evening. It was perfect weather, great company and that usual dynamite combination had no effect on my fitness. I was having trouble even running ten minutes at a time (thank goodness for her patience…I hope she went for a real run afterwards). We ran a little over 3 miles and every step was as struggle. In my first third trimester, I was dealing with swollen feet, growing pains, body aches and breathing problems both while exercising and living the luxurious pre-children lifestyle.

Now, at that same point in this pregnancy I’m still doing longer weekend runs, keeping a pace below ten minutes and have the energy to workout amidst a crazy schedule. So much of that is muscle memory–I’ve had no growing pains, my feet are still their normal-ish size and having kept up with running, my lungs seem to have adjusted to the pressure of a baby using them for leg lifts. But mostly, it’s less fear of the unknown. I no longer question every run, wondering if that first doctor was right when she said I shouldn’t even break a sweat while pregnant.

I’m really proud of having higher mileage and bigger goals this time–it’s made a huge difference in my energy levels and my ability to keep up with a toddler. Mentally, I can’t imagine not having the meditative benefits of running right now. And the biggest bonus: it will be a huge relief when I can run again post-baby and still have a baseline of fitness.

The bad news? I have no idea where that will be. Still no orders. John told me they would come in August. Then September. Then the end of September. It’s October. If I hear him say November, I might just start the move myself.

Workout: 7 Miles
Pace: 9:22
Duration: 1:05:34
Notes: Although 450 times more humid than my perfect Port Angeles runs, I felt really good running around Daniel Island early Saturday morning–and it showed in my pace. Then I waited for 39 minutes at a new bagel place and felt awful. Feed the runners first!

Workout: Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Sunday yoga while the baby naps. I love ending the weekend on a relaxing note.

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I’ve really forgotten about my spin bike lately, and the bigger I get the more cross training I plan on doing to avoid injury/discomfort and my chances of not starting marathon training in January. Two episodes of Arrested Development and some jumps, hills and speed work rounded out a quick workout.


Sometimes side pictures don’t accurately portray how big the bump is. The treadmill is NOT my friend right now.

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: 9:24
Duration: 37:36
Notes: Now that the weather is turning, I hate running on the treadmill. But it’s still entirely too hot to run at lunch. My same, boring treadmill workout continues: ten minute warm up, 5-4-3-bathroom break-2-1 intervals with two minutes in between, short cool down. I need to come up with a new routine.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Seriously, how is it that running is feeling easier (most days) and this dang barre workout just keeps getting exponentally harder? My coworker and I did cardio sculpt and upper body and core. This workout is legit. I’ve done it so many times I could probably do it without the video, and still, I’m always sore.

First ever fried egg from Run Fast. Eat Slow's breakfast at night recipe...John cooked it well done so I'd eat it.

First ever fried egg from Run Fast. Eat Slow’s breakfast at night recipe…John cooked it well done so I’d eat it. I hesitated at first, then, true to everything this pregnancy, something I used to be revolted by, I absolutely loved.

Workout: 4 Treadmill miles
Pace: 9:30
Duration: 38:03
Notes: Ditto to the above 4 treadmill miles, but slightly slower, my hip felt a little off and I’m starting to run scarily far back on the machine because my bump is so big.

Workout: Nothing!
Notes: My work threw a surprise baby shower for my coworker and I, so I didn’t have the opportunity to workout at lunch. By the time we got the baby to sleep, I was committed to a 100% rest day and lots of catching up on shows with John. Designated Survivor anyone? I’m hoping Kiefer will remember that he’s actually Jack Bauer and maybe bring the Allstate guy back as his VP.

Total Miles: 15

Total Workouts: 3 runs, 1 spinning, 1 barre class, 1 prenatal Yoga, 1 rest day

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