Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 30

Week 30 hit and all of the sudden I’m in the grumpy, tired, achy, sleepless kick to the finish.

These things change overnight. And I swear the baby grows inches in just hours, crowding my lungs, sitting on my bladder and pushing outward until I feel like I’m about to pop. Both like a balloon and out of my pants.

Saturday started off with a very early, restless morning, so I decided to go for a sunrise run around the neighborhood. It was dark when I started, and I liked being the only one out in the slightest hint of fall weather, watching as the sun gradually warmed and lighted the south. I made it six miles and that was enough. Six feels like seven did the week before, which months before that felt like 10. The irritating part is that it’s solely my feet and ankles that can’t push like they used to. My feet have been on fire every time I lace up my running shoes (actually, I usually just slip them on, which is bad, I know, but I’m lazy) and my ankles no longer feel like they can support my weight. I’m hoping it will even out–I’ll get stronger as they get used to being heavier and I’ll be able to keep up some longer runs until week 40. Or 39. Still haven’t decided.

On Tuesday, my coworker and I chanced the weather and escaped to the trails during lunch where I did 3.5 easy trail miles, being especially mindful not to fall. It was calm, slightly humid, and even more slightly fall-like, just enjoyable enough to be relaxing. Until we got back and realized that this little-mentioned hurricane was officially on the Charleston radar. And our whole week changed.

I didn’t have much time to workout in Atlanta–between the chaos of evacuating, watching the Weather Channel, working remotely and taking care of a toddler, it was non-stop until Saturday, when I took the baby and the stroller to a beautiful park downtown and ran six, steady miles while Charleston got pounded by one of the worst hurricanes in recent years.

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Workout: 6  Miles
Pace: 10:00
Duration: 1 hour
Notes: Who needs sleep when you can be running?

Workout: Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Where is this soreness coming from?

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: 9:32
Duration: 38:11
Notes: Added in some ‘speed’ work to break up the run while I watched Arrested Development. Then I celebrated with a Supa Chocolate smoothie (banana, raw cocoa, agave, almond milk).


Workout: 3.5 trail miles
Pace: 9:52
Duration: 34:35
Notes: The calm before the storm.

Workout: Spinning
Duration: 45 min
Notes: I had to work from home because the schools closed for the evacuation, so when John got home and took the baby to nap, I immediately went upstairs to spin away some of the frustration of trying to work and mom at the same time.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Barre (online streaming)
Duration: 40-ish min
Notes: We had a small divider in our hotel room, so after the baby went to bed I did two classes, cardio and total body barre, trying to follow along with no sound on my phone. It didn’t feel like much of a workout, but it was something, and it was me-time.

Workout: Rest day!
Notes: A workout just wasn’t in the schedule, and it started to pour as soon as we strapped the baby into the swing at the park.

Total Miles: 13.5

Total Workouts: 3 Runs, 1 spinning, 1 barre class, 1 Prenantal Yoga, 1 rest day

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 30

  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian October 11, 2016 at 2:28 pm #

    Sounds like you had a pretty successful workout week even despite the storm and evacuations. That must have been stressful!

    • Mollie October 14, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

      It was a just a little stressful haha. I was definitely ready to be back home by the end of our evacuation!

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