Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 28

I kicked the week off and ended our vacation with a gorgeous run down on the Port Angeles coastline with my dad. Running in the northwest was a breath of fresh air–crisp, clean, fresh air–and it was difficult to come back to the southern sauna we still live in.

Those vacation runs were much needed, with the past week being a carnival of cross country flights, doctors appointments, colds and the chaos of trying to work from home–all while now in my third trimester–I needed a reminder of the benefits of taking some mental me-time. There’s nowhere better to have peace of mind than on the trails and roads of the coastal pacific. For me, at least. (I highly doubt anyone ever found peace of mind in the swamps of the south).

Or at the Oiselle Flagship store. It’s dangerous. And I definitely got my dose of retail therapy.




This week was one of my lowest mileage weeks in a while, but I’m glad I pushed through a cold and a busy schedule because I had a fantastic run on Saturday and am looking forward to some cooler weather miles this fall. And maybe even a race. I have my eye on an 8-miler in Asheville the same weekend as my favorite fall festival in neighboring Waynesville. Now to convince John he wants to drive five hours with a pregnant girl and a toddler…

Workout: Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: This was the day after my really bad round ligament pain, so I took it easy with a lot of chasing the baby around the yard and my prenatal yoga DVD right before bed.


Workout: 6 oceanfront trail miles
Pace: Under 10 min pace
Duration: About an hour
Notes: I forgot to save my run on my watch, but we cruised downhill through scenic Port Angeles neighborhoods toward a beautiful, flat, paved, oceanfront trail bordered by giant pines and the curious rainforest-like undergrowth of the Northwest. We sped it up on the flat parts, then kept it steady all the way back up hill to our rented house.


Workout: Travel!
Workout: spinning
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Despite being pretty beat (and physically beat up from both babies, inside and out, kicking me the whole 4 plus hours from coast to coast), I did an easy 40 minutes on the bike while watching Arrested Development to unwind. I hadn’t been on the bike in what seemed likes weeks and it felt pretty good to just pump my legs for a while.

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: 9:39
Duration: 38:39
Notes: The baby had a check-up during the day, so skipped my usual lunch workout. By the time we got her to bed, it was dark and raining, and John said no to me running outside. So I headed to the gym on base for a quick four miles. The run felt fine, but by the end of the third mile I could tell I was coming down with a cold.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre
Duration: 40:00
Notes: Tried to ignore the burning in my throat and pushed through a barre workout with my coworker. It definitely felt hard, but I felt a little better after breaking a sweat. I’m in the ‘sometimes working out helps you beat a cold’ camp.

Workout: 3 miles
Pace: 9:43
Duration: 29:11
Notes: And to counter the above…this felt AWFUL. I could have sworn all the baby weight was in my legs and feet, and I don’t know which was more on fire, ankles or throat. I kept it up for three miles and, while the whole time I just wanted to quit, I felt a lot better than I had before my run after rehydrating–and had an easier time getting to sleep.

This is how 3 bleh miles looks.

This is how 3 bleh and pregnant miles looks.

Workout: Rest Day
Notes: I gave up on the ‘exercise to make me feel better’ thing and took a rest day. I had to work from home because the baby was sick, and I just didn’t have the usual motivation. Rest day=better Saturday long run, right?

Total Miles: 13

Total Workouts: 3 Runs, 1 spinning, 1 barre class, 1 Prenantal Yoga, 1 rest day

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