Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 25

The highlight of my workouts this week were my new running shoes. And they better be, because these things cost a good chunk of my paycheck. But running shoes are always worth it. My back, knees, legs, ankles and, most importantly, feet, felt brand new after I bought them on Saturday. I was a little worried that the extra cushion would result in plantar fasciitis, like it usually does, but instead my feet actually felt GOOD again. Pregnancy does not make your feet feel good.

The second highlight was Run Fast. Eat Slow. and all of the meals that contributed to my energy this week. My favorite were the egg frittata muffins that I made on Sunday and ate all week for breakfast. After two muffins and an English muffin (I know, that’s a LOT of food, but I’m pregnant. And I eat that way anyway.), I was full almost until lunchtime and still had some energy to burn. These high protein, higher calorie, vitamin and veggie filled meals are really making a difference in how I’ve been feeling. Where my normal healthy (and also veggie/vitamin filled) meals give me more of an instant energy, I’ve had to eat every couple hours. With these I feel like I can maintain more of a normal eating schedule, which means less ups and downs and spells of exhaustion during the workday.


Plated at work and so not Instagram-worthy.

So the consumer in me had a good week, exercise wise, it was fine. I’m on a high from two amazing runs on our Nebraska vacation, so looking back at last week was less than inspiring. And I’ll just blame the Charleston weather for that.

Workout: 7 total miles
Pace: slightly under 10 min pace
Duration: 70 min
Notes: Seven-mile-Saturday’s continue. Three of those miles outside around base, then I was super thirsty and had to use the bathroom so I went inside to the gym. Where the water was broken. Luckily, I ran across the street to another facility, but seriously, how can the water be broken at the gym and it still be open?! Finished off with 4 treadmill miles watching How to Get Away with Murder.

I'm also loving this handheld water bottle!

I’m also loving this handheld water bottle!

Workout: Prenatal morning Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I finished the meal planning and cleaning and went to find the baby and John fast asleep in her room, so I grabbed the opportunity for my Strong Mama/Cool Mama prenatal yoga.

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: slightly under 10 min pace
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I did a progression 5-4-3-2-1 minute workout with two minutes in between each set at easy pace. My “progression” progressed me from slow to slightly less slow, but it felt good to go “faster” for more than just a minute at a time.

Be happy, go running!

Be happy, go running! Preferably not on a treadmill.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Barre streaming
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Legs and arms had me worn out today. While running is feeling easier (although slower), barre is feeling MUCH harder. Probably because it’s muscle burnout and my muscles now have to lift 20 more pounds.

Workout: 4 miles
Pace: slightly under 10 min pace
Duration: 38.25
Notes: Same progression run as earlier in the week, but faster progressions.

That belly! I always wonder how it can get bigger...

That belly! I always wonder how it can get bigger…

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I worked the spin bike, I really felt like getting my legs moving so I cranked up the intensity and did a little more speed. It felt great. Less great to be drenched at work the rest of the afternoon.

Workout: Rest day!
Notes: Not a rest day AT ALL. A travel day from Augusta to Atlanta (via car) and Atlanta to Omaha (via plane) and Omaha to Auburn (via car). I had every intention of yoga, or something, but decided to save my energy for my Saturday run. And I’m pitching a new workout trend: carrying a toddler across the country.

Pregnancy Week: 25

Total miles run: 15

Total Workouts: 3 runs, 1 barre, 1 spin, 1 prenantal yoga, 1 rest day

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