Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 23

It felt like the baby did all of his growing this week. Specifically on Friday. I woke up in so much pain I really thought about calling in sick (I wish I could have). On Thursday I wrote that everything hurt–well everything HURT on Friday. What scared me was the lung pain. I remember having that before, but every time I took a breath my lungs were burning, and I definitely did not have that before.

I have a decently high pain tolerance, so I never know when to go to the doctor. I figured I would get through Friday and if it wasn’t better I’d call the hotline first thing Saturday. Luckily, I had already scheduled a massage therapy appointment for Friday at lunch, with an incredible lady that doesn’t just light candles and rub my back, but knows exactly which muscles to pressurize to relieve tension and pain. The appointment felt great, but I still felt terrible. After dinner out with John and the baby and then a work event–a Riverdogs game–I was feeling pretty rough.

By some miracle, the baby slept in on Saturday, and whatever the massage therapist had done worked–on a slight delay–so between that, taking a rest day Friday and I’m guessing the baby moving into a more friendly position, I actually felt great Saturday morning. No pain. At all. Pregnancy is the strangest thing.

This week’s workouts were pretty basic–run, barre, run, barre–I didn’t feel like spinning (fine, I finished Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 1 and I haven’t found a new show yet) and I wanted the workouts, not yoga. I got in some decent ‘speed’ work and treadmill miles and I even got my pace back down a little. Part of me wonders though if I’m not just extra motivated by the Track and Field events I’ve been obsessing over every night in Rio. Except the men’s 4×100 relay. Did anyone else watch that?? First, we get third–to Jamaica–fine–and Japan (??), then a big old DQ. Such a disappointment. And I felt so bad for Meb during Sunday’s marathon. He’s still my hero and I still want to name my son Meb. But Rupp….that guy has some serious fire in him!

Workout: 7 mile treadmill run
Pace: 9:25 pace
Duration: 1 hour 5 min
Notes: I gave up on running outside. The bigger I get and the hotter it gets outside the more miserable outdoor running–and life in general–is. I feel like a giant elephant clomping around at the zoo. So it was 7 treadmill miles at gym on base while a lifting competition went on around me. I added in some 3-peats: 1 min on, 1 min rest, 1 min hill climb for about 20 minutes and 2 min on 2 min rest for 20 min just to vary it up. Treadmill running is incredibly boring.


Workout: Rest day!
Notes: John was home so we did errands and took the baby to a splash pad, so, while I didn’t technically exercise, I did get my fill of lifting and chasing a toddler. Somedays that’s enough.

Workout: 4 mile treadmill run
Pace: 9:27
Duration: 37:49
Notes: I did 2 minute on 2 minute rest intervals for 20 minutes plus a ten minute warm up and cool down. Felt good but I did felt like I was running out of space for my lungs (hmm maybe it actually started on Monday). Not shortness of breath (I would have stopped) but like my belly (or baby?) had decided to do leg presses inside my stomach.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre
Duration: 1 hour
Notes: I did the full DVD: lower body, arms and core and cardio. This workout is getting so much harder the farther along I get. It’s all the extra weight I have to lift. But it feels so good when I’m done…and I really want to say that it’s keeping me from ballooning outwards.

Workout: 4 mile treadmill run
Pace: 9:16 pace
Duration: 37:06
Notes: I was not in the mood to finish Serial, so I watched a Tyler Perry movie on BET and ran a warm up and my favorite speed workout. 5-4-3-2-1 minutes on with 2 minutes rest in between. I felt great. My speed work was in the mid-8’s.

I usually have to pause and run to the bathroom on the treadmill....but I made it all four miles without a break! #pregnancygoals

Now that the baby is big and sitting on my organs, I usually have to pause and run to the bathroom on the treadmill….but I made it all four miles without a break! #pregnancygoals

Workout: lunchtime prenatal barre
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I streamed two 20 minute classes online, lower body and a cardio workout. I felt fine, but awkard, because someone who worked there kept coming into the otherwise empty studio and walking right next to me.

Workout: Massage….doesn’t get any nicer than that.

Massage and a green juice--magic cure to pregnancy pain.

Massage and a green juice–magic cure to pregnancy pain.

Pregnancy week: 23

Total miles run: 15

Total Workouts: 3 runs, 2 Barre Classes, 2 rest days

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