Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 22

I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get this many workouts this week with my workdays cut short because our daycare is closed. But if there’s a will, there a way. Actually if there’s a John there’s a way. He worked days this week so I could run at night, which is a lot more enjoyable than running at lunch on the treadmill.

Workout: 7 mile mixed run
Pace: 9:30ish Pace
Duration: ?
Notes: I woke up at 6am to run before it got too hot out, but of course it was way too hot out already. I did a mile out and back in our neighborhood, then drove to the gym on base. Gym didn’t open until 7am. So I ran another mile outside (it felt a lot cooler on base) then jumped on the treadmill. My bump kept hitting the stop button. Treadmill two, felt like I was running up a steep hill at 0 incline. Treadmill three, just right. Total goldilocks miles 2+1+4=7.


Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Crazy Ex Girlfriend + spin bike is my happy place. I can’t wait until October for season 2. I really don’t think I can wait.

Workout: 5 Mile Run
Pace: 9:48
Duration: 49 min
Notes: The temperature had cooled a little but it was still so humid, the run was fine but the bigger I get, the harder it is to run in the heat.


Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Leg and arm workouts–both were hard this week, but I always feel the benefits of intense muscle work. Aka, I’m always sore for a day or two afterwards.


Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 Min
Notes: I was going to run, really, but by the time I could run, I wasn’t feeling it at all. Spinning is always a nice alternative, especially when I can distract the time with Netflix.

Workout: 4 mile run
Pace: 39 min
Duration: 9:49
Notes: I thought it would be cooler because it had rained all afternoon, but, again, it was really humid for 8pm. Plus it has gotten dramatically darker in the past week. Which you think would cool it down a little. I think it was during this run that I realized my pace has gotten a lot slower in the past week or so, down from a consistent 9:10-15 pace to between 9:30-9:50. But I still feel good , so I’m trying not to focus on the pace as much as my overall fitness.

Workout: Prenatal yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Much needed active rest day–my muscles were tight and my back was hurting, so I opted for a nice vinyasa flow to loosen up in preparation for my Saturday long(ish) run.

Pregnancy week: 22

Total miles run: 16

Total Workouts: 3 runs, 1 Barre Classe, 2 spinning session, 1 prenatal yoga session

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 22

  1. Jen @ August 15, 2016 at 2:00 pm #

    Sounds like you had a great week of workouts! I totally agree that it’s been waaaaaaaay too hot at every single time of day and that it’s starting to get darker earlier, but not cooling off! As someone who prefers to run in the dark and getting up early not being an option you’d think that it was going to be cooler at 9 p.m. Not the case 🙁

    • Mollie August 17, 2016 at 12:03 am #

      It really seems like this summer has been worse than normal! I was even thinking about a run before work this week…then I realized, why bother. It will already be 90.

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