Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-26 Weeks

I’m in my last two weeks of my second trimester.

Where has this pregnancy gone? At this point last time we were pretty much ready for Baby Sweet 2015. This time, I’ve barely thought about being pregnant, much-less what we’re going to do when the baby actually comes. The problem is this: we’re moving in the next few months and have no actual, physical orders anywhere. We THINK it’s VA Beach, and have been looking for houses, daycares, running coaches, in the area, but we don’t know for sure, so we can’t just go up there for the weekend and buy a house. Then the Navy will definitely send us to Guam.

The second major issue is the timing. Will we be up there before I have the baby, or right after? If it’s before, then we can put together a quick nursery after we quickly buy a house, if it’s after, the baby is going to sleep in a bassinet with us until we move. And moving with a newborn sounds like great idea, right?

So, there’s no point in setting up a nursery that the baby will use for a week–or less–until we move. Plus, we don’t have the space. Our guest room is packed with John’s boxes for his business, our upstairs room doesn’t cool off like we’d hoped it would when we turned it into our original nursery and I don’t think the toddler is going to want to share aroom with a screaming baby.

This is when running really makes a difference. We all have our little outlets to deal with stress so it doesn’t affect our lives, relationships and jobs, and running is definitely mine. I can’t imagine not being able to run during this pregnancy. Between already being a mom, a navy wife, a full time worker, I NEED the me time, alone time and simply, just the quiet.

This past weekend was the epitomy of perfect running–I ran both full days we were in Nebraska, down dirt roads outlined in cornfields and empty highways dotted in farm houses, with no company but two deer dancing off into the forest and an occasional car leaving a long trail of dust.  During the first run, my phone died, so I was truly isolated and couldn’t worry about my pace or my mileage and was forced to focus on enjoying the moment. On top of the serenity, the weather was perfect, in the low 70’s and high 60’s, and I felt my pace quicken up and down the rolling hills as I was able to run away some of the stress.


Workout: 7.5 miles (I calculated it on Googlemaps after the run)
Pace: Unknown (no cell phone)
Duration: Unknown
Notes: I kept going as long as my legs would carry me through the outskirts of John’s small Nebraska town.

Workout: 6 miles
Pace: slightly under 10 min pace plus an 8 min track mile
Duration: under an hour
Notes: Two long(er) runs in a row isn’t really in the cards for me these days, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to run one more time in the perfect weather. The hilly run made for a slower pace, but I stopped at John’s old High School (go Bulldogs?) on my way back and surprised myself with an easy 8-min mile around the track. It felt great to run a short, flat distance to cap off a perfect weekend of running.

Workout: travel day–I think I’m more sore from this than any of the workouts this week.

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: 9:25
Duration: 37:43
Notes: I did my 5-4-3-2-1 min pace increases (with 2 min in between) to add some variety, while watching How to Get Away with Murder. Felt good despite already clocking some higher mileage this week.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre DVD
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Lower Body and arms. Every week this workout gets harder. Shouldn’t I have some muscle memory or something?

Workout: 4 treadmill miles
Pace: 9:22
Duration: 37:29
Notes: Literally the exact same run as Tuesday, but this time I almost burst into tears during HTGAWM  (ugh, hormones) and had to take a quick bathroom break to compose myself, then fast forward through an incredibly sad scene with a baby.

Workout: Prenatal yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to workout Friday, my legs were a little stiff and I just felt tired and unmotivated. But then I was sitting on the floor playing with my daughter and accidently got into a stretch pose. It felt good enough that I thought I should get in some nighttime yoga. Wow. I’ve never felt so awkward or bad at yoga. It was like I had a lead beach ball attached to my stomach that I was trying to maneuver around. I guess I kind of do….

Pregnancy Week: 25

Total miles run: 21.5

Total Workouts: 4 runs, 1 barre, 1 prenatal yoga, 1 rest day

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