Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-20 Weeks

I’m over the halfway mark! Actually, two weeks over, since my doctor is going for a week-early c-section due to an emergency c-section last time. A lot has changed in my fitness in the last week, while I still feel strong and I still have my second-trimester energy, my feet have been killing me. And that pain has moved into my ankles, and knees and hips and gotten into my head. It’s not so bad that I can’t run, but I’m definitely feeling the difference, and trying to mediate it with comfortable shoes and a roller ball at work. My real solution will be a new pair of new running shoes to help support my feet–which are supporting my weight gain (since my appetite has also increased substantially).

I’m really pleased that I’ve felt, despite slow times and low mileage, that I’m maintaining fitness, instead of declining in the last half of my pregnancy. This sped up my recovery time immensely with the last one. I was running within four weeks of surgery. Which is going to be key this time if I actually plan on Qualifying for Boston at Mountains to Beach in March. I’ll need every day and every run I can get.

This week I did a little more cross training and a double workout day! I haven’t done one of those in…years? The first ‘workout’ was yoga, and then I got to go on an evening run. And surprise, that run felt amazing! Yoga will do that.

I don’t think I’ll be actively seeking any double workout days again, but I want to find another race in the next month or so. In the shade. Maybe at midnight, when the high is 90, instead of 190. I would love to do a pregnancy half, but there’s no chance I can do it in this heat. It’s funny that I’m finding my biggest limitation this pregnancy isn’t actually the pregnancy, it’s the terrible Charleston weather. (Sorry, I won’t stop complaining about the weather).



Workout: 7 mile run
Pace: 9:37
Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes
Notes: I escaped to Daniel Island after John got home from work to look for some shade. Definitely found the shade, also found some very unshaded sections. Given that it was late in the morning (9 am) I felt decent, and extended my run a mile to make it 7. Plus I found the perfect gear for that weekend’s run (see above).

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Fitness prenatal DVD
Duration: 1 hour
Notes: Doing all three 20 minute sections of the dvd is brutal, I usually only do two, but the baby (and John) fell asleep, so I had some extra time to myself. This is a killer leg workout, which I need to keep my non-slow-pace muscles active.

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min at the gym during lunch
Notes: An uneventful, typical spin workout focusing on strength, not speed, while watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Workout: Lunchtime Prenatal Yoga & Evening Run
Duration: 40 min Yoga, 45 Min run
Pace: 9:10
Distance: 5 Miles
Notes: Yoga felt incredible and loosened me up for a great 5 mile evening run in some slightly cooler weather. I was disappointed to see that my pace wasn’t nearly as fast as I thought it was (in my head, I was running 8 minute miles).


Trying to stretch out my feet...

Trying to stretch out my feet mid-run…how are they already swollen???

Workout: Evening Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Put the baby to bed then did a quick 40 minutes on the bike while watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Obviously, I don’t veer much from my routine.

Workout: Lunchtime Treadmill Run
Duration: 36.45
Pace: 9:11 Avg
Distance: 4 Miles
Notes: I was really excited to try a new treadmill at the gym during lunch. It had a ton more options, and took me a while to figure out how to set my pace, etc. I chose a ‘Monterey Beach Run,’ which was disappointing because it was just an overview map of Monterey, CA. As in a birds eye view, so it could have been anywhere. Even Charleston. So I switched it to a track and did 10 minutes of warming up, 20 minutes of 2 min on 2 min off and 10 minutes of easy cool down. I kept the 2 minutes of speed work at about 8:20 pace to pick it up a little without actually getting out of breath.


Workout: Lunchtime Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 40 min
Notes: After all the spinning and running, I really needed a rest day, but I love active rest days, so my coworker and I did lunchtime yoga. It felt great to relax during lunch, it was a stressful week at work and Friday morning was insane–my computer broke right before a big client deadline. Somehow I got it done, but I needed a de-stresser. Or a vacation.


Pregnancy week: 20

Total miles run: 15

Total Workouts: 3 runs, 2 yoga classes, 2 spinning session and 1 barre class, 0 actual rest days

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