Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-19 weeks

I haven’t been tracking my pregnancy workouts, which really annoyed me when I thought about it the other day on my run. It’s become very typical to think about doing things, then just instantly forget. Especially typical when you add pregnancy brain.

After the 40 weeks, it would have been fun to see how many pregnant miles I ran. But, instead of trying to back track and remember anything (which I’m certain I would remember nothing) I’ll start here, at the beginning of week 20, and record the last 20 weeks of pregnancy before…BQ training begins!! (And then maybe just multiply that number two and that’s my total? Just kidding…).

One initial reason I thought about doing this–before I didn’t–was that I really wanted to track some specifics. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for examples of normal runners running and racing while pregnant. Elites don’t count. Not only do I not have access to an anti-gravity treadmill (my gym barely has towels) but a 4:55 paced 6 mile tempo is, pregnant or not, not even remotely realistic. Not even on the spectrum. (That’s a real example by the way).

I really wanted to see how pregnancy affected or changed a normal runners routine. Many of my friends stopped running altogether. One tried a marathon (she’s amazing!). And others turned into walkers for most of their 9 months. I’m very interested in why some people chose to run and some people didn’t, how they felt and how they managed their pace and expectations. These are the little pieces I want to add to my log, to remember not just what I did but why (in case there’s a next time).

Week 19


Workout: Isle of Palms 1ok
Pace: 9:16
Duration: 56 Minutes
Notes: The whole race was on the beach, so the whole 6.2 was lot harder than running on a flat sidewalk or my summer best friend, the treadmill. I kept it easy and just focused on maintaining a steady pace, even though I wanted to sprint after the lead pack. Overall, I felt really good, and could have probably gone a few more miles, if the sun had decided to leave and the humidity was traded for anything else. I’d even take snow right now. #southernrunningproblems

Workout: Holy Cow Prenatal Yoga
Duration: 1 hour (minus the teacher’s long beginning of class speech…get to it lady! I didn’t pay to hear every intimate detail of your weekend.)
Notes: Some good thigh and arm work but mostly relaxing, recovery yoga–which I needed, I was sore from running on the sand.

Workout: Suzanne Bowen Prenatal Barre (streaming online)
Duration: 40 min at the gym during lunch
Notes: Targeted arm work, seat and thighs. Felt strong, but my legs still felt tired, I think I reached a turning point this week where I’m starting to feel the extra ten-ish pounds.

Workout: Evening Run
Duration: 40ish min
Distance: Didn’t track, but since I’ve run the same path in my neighborhood for three years, over and over and over, I know it’s about 4.25 miles
Notes: I felt awful! This was a change, I’ve been feeling really strong on my runs and I expected to feel great because the weather had cooled down after a quick rainstorm and there was a nice breeze. But the whole time I had a food cramp and I felt like I was dragging sandbags with giant elephant thighs. I kept it up for about four+ miles, then tried to do some quick strides to work on my turnover. I did two. Two > zero?

Workout: Spin
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Started watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Wanted to call in sick the rest of the day and keep watching and spinning!  Oh, and biking felt great. Did lots of standing and interval work, tried to focus on increasing the intensity instead of speed.

Workout: Lunchtime trail run
Duration: 40 min
Distance: Didn’t have my watch…I’m guessing about 4 miles. Hopefully a little more…
Notes: Did ten min of 1 minute on 1 minute off light speed work (increasing to more of a stride for a minute) and otherwise kept it easy paced. My legs still felt rough, and my breathing was way off because of the humidity. My coworker and I decided to skip the gym because it seemed cool out…it was cooler, kind of, but once I got going I was swallowed by the humidity. The only plus was a cool thunderstorm in the distance, and it was relaxing to listen to that while running a shaded, winding trail.

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Workout: Prenatal Yoga, streaming on Amazon Prime
Duration: 40 min
Notes: Last time I used Alex Baldwin wife’s prenatal classes and, no offense to her, she seems cool, but they’re really lame. This new one I found has the most ridiculous teacher but the class is really good. The first section focuses on strength and vinyasa flow, the second on strength and stretching. It’s now my go-to Friday workout before my Saturday long-ish run. I felt good, still a little sore but my legs were feeling more fresh than they had been all week.

Pregnancy week: 19

Total miles run: Approximately 15

Total Workouts: 1 race, 2 runs, 2 yoga classes, 1 spinning session and 1 barre class, 0 actual rest days

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  1. Amy Lauren July 25, 2016 at 5:36 pm #

    I saw your blog comment on Hollie’s and wanted to respond because I noticed you’re from Charleston too. I think it’s awesome you’re still running while pregnant and tracking mileage. It’s good to track and see updates from a recreational runner and not someone who is elite and obviously has different resources for running pregnant (like anti-gravity treadmills, access to massages/chiro/therapies, etc). I actually know quite a few ladies here who have run while pregnant… most of my running friends just continue to once they do get pregnant and eventually come back (often faster and stronger than before).

    Congrats on the IOP 10K! That race is no joke. I did it a few years ago and haven’t run it since (it didn’t help that both years I ran, I was 3rd in my age group and just missed awards, I guess that kinda left a bad taste in my mouth). You had a really speedy time for it being pregnant, hot, and on the beach. So cool that you are able to work out on lunch break too!

    • Mollie July 26, 2016 at 2:05 am #

      Seriously! That race is tough…especially because it was in the blazing sun!! I was actually wondering about them only giving out awards to first and second… I couldn’t figure that one out. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Lame. If you have any suggestions on races to run here (besides the Bridge run ;-)) I would love to hear them! 🙂

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