Pregnancy Deja Vu: First Trimester Catch Up

This pregnancy has been, down to the day, eerily similar to the last. From the cravings to the morning sickness to the weight gain, I’ve been reliving 2014.

Which, of course, has me completely convinced it’s another girl.

I found out I was pregnant at work on a Monday morning about three days late.  I’d gone for my long run that Saturday and felt completely off. My breathing was all out of whack–literally gasping for breath–I was super tired and felt sick the whole time. So I took a pregnancy test. Because those were my exact same symptoms with our first pregnancy, no lung capacity, jello legs and exhaustion from a pathetically slow six miles. Negative. Obviously, it was just the Charleston humidity and having a toddler. Mostly the humidity.

On Sunday, I was officially a two days late. Another pregnancy test, another negative. It didn’t really surprise me, it was about a year exactly since I’d had Baby Sweet 2015, and I figured my body was adjusting to more mileage and work and traffic stress. But I still felt off. And extremely nauseous.

Monday morning, three days late, I decided to take another test in the bathroom at work.

Big. Pink. Line.

It’s not ideal confirming you’re pregnant at work–I wasn’t sure if I should play it cool or be a little giddy, or just pretend I didn’t know and go on with my day. John was on one of his crazy schedules, so I decided to wait to tell him in person, which ended up being two days later via a congratulations card.

Because it’s our second kid and that’s how I roll.

From interrogating my friends with two or more kids, I don’t think it’s that common to have back to back pregnancies that are exactly the same. Like with Baby Sweet 2015, the nausea started immediately, lasted all day and completely destroyed my appetite. Pregnancy nausea, for men to relate, is the same as a three-month hangover–without the crazy stories from the night before and that no amount of Taco Bell can cure.

While I didn’t physically get sick as much as last time (I’ve learned some key things to avoid, like bread, all smells and eating only one portion at a time) I had a lot of same aversions–especially my prentatal vitamins–and had two major episodes. One Saturday, I was feeding the baby some strawberries with dinner and I absentmindedly ate one. It took about two minutes and I was yelling for John to come take over. I barely made it to the bathroom and was sick the rest of the night. From a strawberry. Not even a whole Strawberry. The second was the worst, and may have forever ruined who I am.

My favorite food is Mac ‘n Cheese, I’m pretty sure it always has been Mac ‘n Cheese. If it’s on the menu, I order it. So when my dad and stepmom came to town I made everyone to go to Crave for brunch. They have the best Mac ‘n Cheese in Charleston. After eating a serving meant for two, we did a death march through 90-degree weather downtown then came back to our house for dinner. Again, I was feeding the baby, and I started to feel dizzy. Then I started to sway. I yelled for John and lost all of the Mac ‘n Cheese.

I could barely type the word Crave. It still makes me feel sick.

Pregnancy Cravings: Ramen, watermelon water

Pregnancy Cravings: Ramen, watermelon water.

And avocado toast.

And avocado toast.

And avocado toast.

And avocado toast.

And avocado toast.

And avocado toast.

Despite having no appetite for anything but avocado toast and ramen, and feeling like I’d done tequila shots all night, I was able to keep up a good exercise routine (my pregnancy workouts will come in a separate post that I can’t wait to share!), more intense than I did last time. I’ve been doing light speed workouts, hill training, longer runs (longest has been 9.5 miles), and lots of barre and spinning. There have been zero good days to run in Charleston since summer began (or ever), so the treadmill has become my lunchtime staple with Serial season 2 on my podcast and KUWTK on mute for visuals.

First pregnancy picture on a run with my coworker (about 6 weeks).

Running has definitely been easier this time because my muscle memory has kicked in and I have no growing pains, ligament pains or any of the cramps I had when my stomach was growing with Baby Sweet 2015. I’ve also looked visibly pregnant since about my fourth week. My coworker is about three weeks ahead of me, and my belly makes hers look like she had a light lunch.

The belly took me by surprise walking by the gym mirror...

The belly took me by surprise walking by the gym mirror…

Staying less-hot on my morning long run last Saturday, 17 weeks 6 days, 9.5 miles.

Staying less-hot on my morning long run last Saturday, 17 weeks 6 days, 9.5 miles.

When week 15 hit, all the nausea went away, and then came the hunger. I’ve been so happy to have an appetite again–food is my third favorite thing about living (being a mom, running, eating, in that order, most of the time), and I was miserable seeing food everywhere that I didn’t want. My biggest post-nausea cravings so far have been Mexican food, which is disappointing being on the east coast, refried beans, which is technically also Mexican food, jalapenos (Mexican vegetables?) and Annie’s Goddess dressing, sometimes with lettuce or kale. Just. Like. Last. Time. I have zero appetite for meat, which I mostly think is because I feel sick cooking it and, sadly, zero appetite for Mac ‘n Cheese.

More Mexican food, please.

More Mexican food, please.

As of Sunday, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, which is closer to half way since my doctor is recommending another c-section after having an emergency one last time. (Although I haven’t decided for sure what our ‘plan’ will be). This is my favorite stage of pregnancy, you’re showing, so people give you a pass on things like RBF (resting b&*$# face), energy levels have returned (although not as much as when you’re pregnant for the first time and you can actually relax on the weekends), and the nesting starts to kick in, so there’s usually baked goods on our sparkling clean kitchen counter.

But it’s much harder being pregnant and already having a child. I can’t even imagine the mother’s who do it with 2, 3, 4 0r 5 other kids. There have  been times when I’ve felt so sick I just want to curl up in bed, when I’ve had to physically hold my eyes open on the way home I’m so tired from work, and times when at about 3pm I start feeling faint because I’ve forgotten to eat or drink anything all day. But it’s remarkable how your body can adjust. I used to have an incredibly hard time waking up for my job in San Diego that started at 6:30 am, now I can go on just a few hours of sleep, still get up and make lunches, get myself and baby ready, work 8 hours, workout at lunch, make dinner and sometimes even find time for a blog post or a mini-Netflix binge. That’s the advice I always try to give new moms, you’ll adjust, you’ll be tired, you’ll be SO tired, but tired will just take on a different meaning.

And now that we’ve gotten this rambling pregnancy catch-up post out of the way, I can relax and start writing what I’m actually feeling, instead of trying to disguise my belly in pictures or blaming the avocado toast cravings on running.

Seriously though, it’s another girl right? It has to be.


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