Pregnancy Workouts and Miles – Week 37

Ten pounds later, Thanksgiving is thankfully OVER. I’m pretty sure I ate most of an apple pie myself. With more whip than pie. I used to hate pie. If it was between no dessert or pie, I would choose no dessert. Since getting pregnant with Baby Sweet 2015, pie, fruit pie specifically, apple pie especially, has become a secret obsession. None of this has to do with running (except that I need to run more to work off all that pie). But there’s a tiny piece left in the fridge. And now that’s all I can think about. So, the […]

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And this delicious goat and cream cheese ball.

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday, I posted some things I’m thankful for instead of my Thursday Thoughts. It didn’t quite read like things I’m thankful for, but, sometimes, I just open up a new post and start to write. And that’s what I get. We had one of John’s friend’s over, so it was just the four of us, including the baby. It was nice to go small this year and not travel (not that I can fly anyway) and, also, NOT COOK! We realized it was about the same price to buy Thanksgiving catering from Whole Foods as it would have been to […]

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Things to be Thankful

Over the past year I’ve made a conscious effort to refocus life on the good, the things I’m passionate about, special moments with my family and friends and, always, the bigger picture. One of the best things I ever did was make that same conscious effort–back in 2012 specifically–to fill my world with happy, positive people that helped me grow, instead of the stifling negative relationships of my past. How simple does this seem? Yet, so many people get stuck in toxic situations that seem impossible to get out of. Out of this new mindset came a group of friends I truly connected […]

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